Friday , June 18 2021
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Famous theory of the living Earth upgraded to ‘Gaia 2.0’

A time-honoured theory into why conditions on Earth have remained stable enough for life to evolve over billions of years has been given a new, innovative twist. For around half a century, the ‘Gaia’ hypothesis has provided a unique way of understanding how life has persisted on Earth. It champions ... Read More »

Indonesia’s famous kite festival to feature Hindu mythology

An evening before the beginning of the famed festival, the organizers arranged an exhibition at Jakarta’s National Monument. The festival is themed on Hindu mythology this year with images on kites depicting stories from Hindu religious epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata. The kite festival of Jakarta has been one of ... Read More »

3 Most Famous Places To Visit in Florence

The seven famous church bells are ringing in Giotto’s tower, which is one of the three buildings that make up the impressive architectural ensemble known as Santa Maria del Fiore, the Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Flowers, in Florence. The musical sound of these bells ringing throughout the city, ... Read More »