Friday , June 5 2020


[Editorial] Designing A Sustainable Future

We have seen the world change substantially this year, and now more than ever, people are looking for ways to achieve a global future that is, at its heart, sustainable.   Sustainability has always been a central theme for us designers; we understand the crucial role design plays when it ... Read More »

[What’s Cooking!] Bite into some home-made Dhokla

Aren’t we all churning out some masterpieces in our kitchen these days! From finger-licking cheese straws to satiating banana bread, this has been a good time to discover your inner chef. This week, let’s make a feather-light Indian snack – Dhokla Simple, quick and healthy! This nutritious snack will certainly ... Read More »

Top Five Indians Famous for Gambling Success

Gambling is not a new phenomenon in India. One of the first famous gamblers in the country was Murkha Nayanar. He was one of the 63 “hounds of Shiva” who worshipped Shiva from the sixth through the eighth centuries. Murkha showed his devotion to Shiva by gambling as a profession. ... Read More »

[The Samsung Members Show] Tips to Get the Perfect Low-Light Shot

Low-light photography can be challenging for most of us. But #withGalaxy and its amazing camera innovations in play, great low-light shots are not far away.   Samsung Newsroom India spoke to some Samsung Members who shared nifty tips on capturing great low-light photos using a Galaxy smartphone.   Photo: Samsung ... Read More »

[What’s Cooking!] Samsung Smart Oven Tips on Banana Bread

Last week, we told you about a quick and easy recipe for Cheese Straws in your Samsung Smart Oven.   When sitting at home, nothing better than some sweet indulgence. So this week, here’s something simple yet divine that can satiate your sweet tooth.   Yes, we are talking about ... Read More »