AS director Ravikumar Chowdhury was criticized for kissing Mannara Chopra in the promotion of ‘Tiragapadara Sami’

The case of a Telugu director kissing actress Mannara Chopra without her permission at a public event highlights the challenges these leading actresses face on and off screen.

Known for his work in Telugu cinema, director A.S. Ravi Kumar Chowdhury won acclaim for his films that featured notable roles such as Nandamuri Balakrishna, Gopicand and Sai Dharam Tej.

His latest project, Tiragapadara Sami, starring Raj Tarun and Mannara Chopra, grabbed attention for all the wrong reasons.

During the promotion of the film, the director was caught on video kissing the heroine without her permission while taking pictures. Although Mannara Chopra tried to smile and pretend, her discomfort and embarrassment was palpable.

In an earlier incident, popular actress Kajal Aggarwal was kissed on stage by cinematographer Chhota K. Naidu, further highlighting the lack of respect for personal boundaries.

These incidents indicate a lack of professionalism and integrity in the industry and require a thorough review of the measures taken to ensure the safety and dignity of all involved.

Producer Dil Raju recently released the trailer of “Thirakapadhara Sami”. The teaser has already received a lot of attention thanks to its impressive graphics and promising story.

Although the teaser only gave a glimpse of the future, it is clear that the project will be a milestone in Raj Tarun’s career. The trailer captivated the audience with interesting moments from the beginning to the end.

The film provokes a story that promises to be different from the actor’s previous works, so it is an exciting prospect for fans and critics alike.

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