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Different Ways To Get Bike Insurance In India

Bike insurance goes hand in hand with a newly purchased two-wheeler. This is done in order to ensure the safety of not just the rider and his bike but also the third party who are hit by the rider. This is why the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 makes it mandatory for a bike owner to at least have a third party insurance liability, without which using a motor vehicle will be illegal.

For your own safety and that of the bike and the pillion rider, you should go for a comprehensive package policy. There are various ways in which you can apply for a comprehensive package policy.

Offline Process

This process consists of the traditional way in which an insurance policy is bought by a bike owner. The process involves getting in touch with the insurance provider or agent and meeting the terms and conditions by signing the agreement. If you are looking for an insurance company through the offline process then the following are the ways where you can look for the bike insurance policy:

The Dealer

These days, the dealers of the bike themselves offer you supplementary bike insurance along with the vehicle. Whenever you visit the showroom for purchasing a bike, the dealers will also acquaint you with the various insurance schemes available on a particular model. Thus, with this option, you can get your bike insurance cover as soon as you get the bike.

Insurance Companies

The most common way of getting a bike insurance policy is to go directly to the insurance company. They usually operate through agents and you can easily schedule an appointment for your bike insurance. The insurance cover provided by the insurance companies is more flexible than those provided by the dealers.

Agents or Brokers

Another option to go for a two wheeler insurance policy is of getting it with the mediation of a broker or agent. They act like middlemen selling the insurance policy.

Online Process

One of the most convenient ways to get an insurance policy is to go through the online medium. Modern technology has made getting an insurance policy so accessible that now anyone can get a bike insurance policy online. In fact, the online way of getting an insurance cover for your bike is even better than that of the offline process. Following are some of the reasons why it is so:

Third Party Support

Third party support can be accessed both offline and online. Although, the online option is more preferable when compared to the offline option as it gives you a brief layout where you can get an unbiased comparison of different insurance companies and their policies on a head to head basis. Turtlemint insurance is one such online third party support you should look for.

Time and Money Saving

Getting a bike insurance policy online can save both your time and money. You will not have to visit the insurance company branch in person or even fix an appointment with an agent. You can easily apply for your bike insurance cover right from your mobile phone or computer. Also, as there is no agent involved the cost of purchasing a policy also goes cheaper.

If you calculate the insurance policy expenses through offline and online ways, the online option will save you more money.

More Information

Having proper knowledge about what you are getting is quite essential before you get the said thing. The same goes for the insurance cover. Through the online medium, you can delve deeper into the structure of the policy you are looking for. Also, you can get more information about your insurance provider as well. With the right information in your bag, you are more likely to get the best bike insurance policy available out there.

Policy Comparison

The problem with the offline process is that it makes comparisons of different policies quite difficult. The process can become extremely tedious if you have to go through one insurance and then another. But in the online process, you can easily compare the different policies offered by different insurance companies and see for yourself which one is more compatible with yours.

Minimal Documentation

The online process is smoother than the offline ones. The paperwork involved is minimal and you just have to provide some basic information pertaining to your bike and yourself. The user convenience, therefore, is inclined more towards the online medium than offline.

Cashless Payment

Buying your desired bike insurance policy is also much convenient when purchased online. You can easily make a payment from your debit card or UPI. In fact, the cashless payment option is considered more secured and the payment records will get organised accordingly.

From all aspects, therefore, the online medium is more preferable when it comes to getting a bike insurance policy. Irrespective of this, whichever way you buy a bike insurance policy for yourself, make sure that you read the terms and conditions properly before approving it. There might be subtle details that may not be mentioned explicitly by the agent and this may prove crucial in your case.

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