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Newly discovered molecule could treat heart failure

In heart failure, the heart is unable to pump blood effectively throughout the body. One key factor in the development of this condition is calcium dysregulation. A newly discovered molecule that may be able to address this issue could become the next therapeutic target for this heart condition. Will a ... Read More »

Google Pixel 3 camera could have a bunch of new features

We’re now just hours away from the announcement of the Google Pixel 3 and the Google Pixel 3 XL, and if you thought there was nothing left to leak you’d be wrong, as we now have details about some new camera features the phones will apparently offer. According to 9to5Google, ... Read More »

Existing antibiotic could help treat melanoma

In the treatment of melanoma, tumor cells sometimes develop a resistance to anticancer drugs. A new study asks whether an antibiotic may provide extra firepower to bolster existing treatments. An antibiotic may boost melanoma treatment. Melanoma is a type of skin cancer that develops from melanocytes. These are cells that ... Read More »

In-car AI could soon know if you’re having a good or bad day

Nuance Communications is already well known for its tech industry innovations. It’s been at the forefront of speech recognition software and has also made substantial inroads into the automotive industry. In fact, you’ll find its Dragon Drive software in more than a few cars out there on the roads. But ... Read More »

Could we use gene mutations to treat diabetes and heart disease?

Genes that control one aspect of our health can also influence others. Now, a recent study has revealed such a link between mutations of three genes that control cholesterol and a lower risk of certain cardiovascular conditions and type 2 diabetes. Scientists find a link between gene mutations, cholesterol, heart ... Read More »

Exercise could benefit early-onset Alzeimer’s

Being physically active for at least 2.5 hours per week could delay decline in mental capacity in a rare form of Alzheimer’s disease that starts years earlier, according to recently published research. Evidence suggests that a person can alter risk factors for Alzheimers’s disease by adopting a healthy lifestyle. The ... Read More »

Manipulating features of cells ‘could help to slow cancer’

New research, published in the journal Genes & Development, makes the case that manipulating elements of cells called nuclear pores could eventually prevent cancerous cells from proliferating. All cells have nuclear pores, but they appear in excessive numbers in some cancerous cells. Cancer is the second most common cause of ... Read More »

A new drug could strip pancreatic cancer of its defenses

Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma, a common and aggressive type of cancer, often develops resistance to treatments such as chemotherapy. However, a new drug tested in mice may be able to eliminate the cancer’s defenses. Scientists have developed and are hoping to improve a drug that blocks pancreatic cancer’s resistance to chemotherapy. ... Read More »

Manthan – Only if we could drink ‘Plastic Water’

Only if we could drink ‘plastic water’, we had plenty of it to drink not just in India, but globally. The whole world is talking about scarcity of water and how the drinking water will not be available in another 200….500.. 1000 years. Wasting water is one issue, but wastage ... Read More »

Could poor protein trafficking be a factor in autism?

A protein whose mutations are found in people with autism and other neurodevelopmental conditions helps keep connections between neurons in the brain running smoothly. People with autism have a mutated protein that disrupts the connections between neurons. Newly published research — led by Rockefeller University in New York City, NY ... Read More »

Could video games help treat chronic back pain?

As far as health is concerned, video games tend to receive bad press. However, in the case of chronic low back pain, they may make a positive difference to people’s lives. Chronic low back pain can be debilitating and is difficult to treat. Over the years, the debate surrounding video ... Read More »

Nokia 9 or Nokia 7.1 Plus could land on October 4

HMD Global – the company behind the recent Nokia phones – is holding an event on October 4 where it’s set to announce a new smartphone. We know this because we've got an invite and it reads that the event will be used to “welcome the latest addition to the ... Read More »