Monday , September 27 2021

How To Look After Mental Health During Extended Covid-19 Lockdown?

The lockdown prevailing in most of the countries and the on and off situation of it has led to the uncertainty. It is no surprise that at such a pressing time, the appointments for psychologists are sky high and their demand has increased more than ever. Even though it might look alarming, it is good news that people are now really serious about their mental health and they are no longer hesitant to seek professional assistance for taking care of their mental health. Here are a few tips to look after your mental health during the lockdown. 

1. Know when to seek out psychologist help 

If you are feeling any negative emotions, it is the right question to ask yourself whether you need psychologist help or not. The answer to it can be questioned as emotions fluctuate and along with it the mood fluctuation is pretty normal too. A psychologist appointment makes sense when such fluctuations cause enough distress that it starts causing disability. If the mood fluctuation or distress starts interfering with the ability to function properly, then one should seek professional help. 

2. Know that you are not alone facing this situation 

Sometimes a proper perspective can help one to go a long way in overcoming a situation. It is often a good idea that when one is feeling lonely during the lockdown that they are not alone to be in that situation and there are other people who are facing the same circumstances and are in the same boat. When facing extreme loneliness, one can indulge in online chatting on fun platforms like CooMeet. Acknowledging the fact that there are plenty of other people who are feeling what you are feeling will allow you to know that you are not mentally unwell but the situation is extremely dim. 

3. Be kind to yourself 

The first rule while taking care of oneself is to be kind to yourself. It is important that each day, a certain time is dedicated to mood-boosting activities which can include hobbies that make you feel good. Also, on the basis of the day, it is recommended to adjust your expectations and expect the energy level of the different days. Also, the daily goals should be decided on the basis of the energy level of that particular day. For instance, on an energetic day, one can go through exercising while on the days when one is feeling low, one can indulge in activities like reading and meditating. 

4. Prevent build-up of emotions 

Life in a lockdown, especially when one is alone can be extremely overwhelming. To prevent the buildup of emotions during this time, one should be able to laugh and even cry hysterically and release all the emotions which have been built inside to feel free. Also, it is okay to call a good friend of yours and let out all the emotional build-up to feel light-hearted. 

5. Maintain a routine 

Staying inside the home for a prolonged period of time can blur the sense of normalcy. With the work from the home phenomenon, the line between personal and professional life is already blurred. In such a scenario, it is important to maintain a schedule and keep everything as normal as possible. With a routine, jot down the time when you should wake up, perform a certain task or even sleep. 

6. Find ways to exercise

In addition to staying one physically hit, exercise also serves other purposes like releasing anxiety, relieving stress and even managing your mood. Many of the outdoor activities are not possible due to lockdown, however one can always indulge in indoor activities to feel good. There are plenty of videos available online which will guide you to exercise from home. 

7. Stay in touch with your loved ones

Spending the entire lockdown can prove to be troublesome for anyone. At such times, it is important for one to stay in touch with loved ones to stay mentally stable. As it is not advisable to socialize outside, one can try to socialize by staying inside with video calls with loved ones or chatting by chatting on Chatiw. In addition to this, one can also try their hands on a multiplayer online game that allows the users to stay in touch with one another and give a sense of belonging.

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