Sunday , September 19 2021

Getting comfortable on Economy class

Travelling economy class? Like the majority of budget-conscious travellers, economy class is either the only option or the most logical way to travel. After all, business class is for corporate travellers, considering the high-priced tickets which are normally paid by company expenses. Despite economy class being labelled rather unsavorily with names such as cattle class, it is coach class and the experience of travelling can be comfortable and enjoyable if one prepares ahead by following basic simple steps.

For long journeys, especially those exceeding six hours, investing in a good, firm neck pillow is a wise decision. Sitting still within a cramped space for hours can be an interminable painful journey especially in the case of stiff necks. The cushions provided by most airlines are not useful as they do not stay in one place behind your head. An inflatable pillow that is easy to pack into the hand luggage and is ready when you need a rest is just the thing for tired necks. Horseshoe-shaped neck pillows are suitable as it provides the required support and prevents from falling on to the shoulders of the passenger next to you.

For blood circulation, it is important to keep feet raised for which there are inflatable footrests that aid circulation and reduces the joint pains and swellings in the feet. Similar to a neck pillow, the footrest can be easily packed into the hand luggage, as it is inflatable. Most airlines do have a small footrest, but however, the addition of the footrest will definitely keep the blood circulation in top shape. The other option is to stretch and walk every few hours as seating still for hours can have very unhealthy consequences. There have been cases, albeit a very small number, of passengers who succumbed to severe muscle and nerve discoordination resulting in death.

On flights that are not full, there will be unoccupied seats in a row. If you are sitting next to noisy children, crying babies or even an extra large-sized passenger who keeps crouching into your space, just inform the cabin crew and they will make the necessary arrangement for a more comfortable seat. If there are empty seats in a row, then all the better, as you can pull up the armrest and have a nice nap lying down. Or better still, if the flight is full and you find yourself in a really uncomfortable seat in the midst of a noisy environment, then keep hinting to the cabin crew that you are finding the situation intolerable leaving the airline no other option other than an upgrade.

When making bookings or reservations if there is the option for seat reservations, and if you are selective on seat positions, that is either aisle, especially if you are an avid toilet user, or window then make sure reservations are made while booking the ticket. The other option will be when checking in, to request for a suitable seat, notably a non-middle seat. However most airlines especially the budget low-carriers earn revenue from seat reservations and if you decide not to add to their revenue than most probably the middle-seat is for you.

The air environment in aeroplanes is dry and it is important to keep hydrated throughout the flight. The cabin crew normally keeps frequenting along the aisle with fruit juices and water. It is best to choose plain water instead of sugary fruit juices as it does a better job at hydration. For those intending to go on an alcoholic binge on airlines serving free alcohol drinks, it is better to think twice, as alcohol has a severely dehydrating effect on the body.
Flying economy class can be comfortable if you are prepared with the right information, gadgets and am prepared for the long hours especially if it is a long-distance flight. Being relaxed and enjoying the onboard services will ensure a comfortable flight.

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