Wednesday , December 1 2021

Woman faked pregnancy to steal infant from Udaipur hospital, couple arrested

‘Was too weak to deliver a child so stole baby boy’

Udaipur : In a major breakthrough, Udaipur police managed to nab a couple who had conspired and stolen an infant from the PannaDhai government hospital in Udaipur on Saturday morning. The couple were arrested on saturday midnight from their home in Semari village, some70 kilometers from the city, police said. ” They were produced before the court on sunday and have been taken in police remand for two days” Ravindra Singh Charan, SHO Hathipole police station told Udaipur Kiran.

The accused woman Manisha who fled with the baby had faked pregnancy by posing with a belly bump stuffed with clothes and managed to occupy a bed in the ward where the infant’s mother too was admitted. She had stayed in the hospital for three days and finally managed to steal a baby boy. Shockingly, none of the hospital staff or authorities could make out the woman’s pretension nor did they verify her identity details before issuing her an entry pass inside the ward. Meanwhile hospital authorities claimed the accused was not admitted but her name was registered in the diet register for the pregnant patients admitted in various wards. There are many beds vacant in the wards and the accused managed to sneak inside one of the ward and occupied a vacant bed. The canteen staff which make rounds daily to collect details of the patients enrolled her name too but didnt bother to cross check her admission details with the hospital register, sources informed.

” During the initial interrogation, it was known that Manisha had two kids- a boy and a girl. She had a divorce and her husband took away the son while she was left with the daughter. She married Mahendra Salvi later and the couple badly wanted a son. But she was too weak for a third issue and hence the couple conspired of stealing a baby boy from the hospital” the SHO informed.

The accused found her target in Gopli who had delivered a baby boy on Friday night. She befriended Gopli’s attendant HarkiBai who took the child to immunization room on saturday morning,Manisha accompanied her. Harki believed Manisha and left the baby in her care when she was asked to get an immunization slip from the counter. Finding an opportunity, Manisha fled with the baby and none of the security guards or the hospital staff cared to enquire how she was going out without a discharge note.

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