Simple Locket Designs to Glam Up Your Look

Lockets are a great way to style your look without creating an overwhelming appeal. Apart from being simple and pretty, lockets provide you means for personalization. Locket necklaces are highly popular among women because of their versatility. These subtle pieces of jewelry seamlessly blend with your outfits and the rest of the jewelry. Today, there are many designs, shapes, models, and materials available for lockets in the market. 

If you want to romanticize your look without spending a fortune, look below to explore some of the prettiest locket designs available. 

1. Crescent Moon Locket:

Crescent moon is symbolic of divine feminism and love. As its name suggests, this locket features a crescent-shaped moon with a sparkling stone attached to the center. The glitz of the stone embedded in locket adds a charm and makes it an ideal accessory for evening parties. When worn, this locket will get you showered with compliments.

2. Antique Long-chain Lockets:

Long chains are here to stay in fashion for long. Antique lockets hang by a long chain to create a Bohemian look. These lockets are a must-have for every antique jewelry lover. Antique long-chain lockets come in a variety of shapes and designs. However, among all, one of the most favorites is owl locket. There are hundreds of owl locket designs available in the market. These lockets are widely popular because of their distinctive style and cute look. Moreover, they can pair with any outfit and any look.

3. Heart chain Lockets:

The insanely popular love locket– heart chain lockets are a captivating piece of jewelry. Available in almost a thousand and hundreds of designs and patterns, heart lockets have been in fashion for decades. And they don’t seem to go anywhere anytime soon. Heart lockets sport an elegant appeal and add a romantic touch to your look. You can also wear them on an everyday basis as they easily with all kinds of ensembles. 

Being carved of special heart symbol, these lockets can also store your special love message or photograph. 

4. Personalized Locket Necklace:

The personalized lockets are the best way to keep your cherished memories close to you. These lockets are engraved with special names, dates, or messages. These lockets are more than a piece of ornament. They carry your memories and are pieces of heirloom jewelry. Additionally, their simplicity speaks volumes, which make them a perfect everyday wear accessory.

5. Star Shaped Diamond Lockets:

Diamonds are rare and forever love for women. They don’t wait to get diamond jewelry. This beautiful star locket bejeweled with diamonds exudes a simplistic charm. It is pretty, and we bet wearing it; you are going to grab attention everywhere. Especially with a plain black dress, this star diamond locket is going to look killer. 

Final Words

Lockets accentuate your simple look. The gorgeous locket designs mentioned above are special and unique on their own. Each design has a distinctive element with its snob appeal. So, no matter what locket design you choose, you are going to rock your look. 

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