Monday , September 20 2021

How to improve your English at Home in this Pandemic Situation

As the world combats the threat of Covid-19 virus, our daily interactions and social life seems to have changed without us realizing it. Social distancing, quarantine and lockdown are the buzzwords of the town. Unknowingly people have adapted themselves to this new virtual lifestyle of work from home, online classes and online board room meetings. People have adjusted to this new lifestyle and are looking for ways to make life simpler. Those who are eager to learn English might feel deprived due to the absence of physical classes. But that does not mean there are no other ways to learn English. There are multiple tips and tricks that can help you improve your English at home in this pandemic situation.

Tips for Improving English at Home

Read Books, Magazines and Newspapers

Reading English books, magazines and newspapers is one of the best ways to learn English without burning a hole in one’s pocket. ‘Read the newspaper daily’ was a common phrase told to us by teachers and our parents in our childhood. Reading books, magazines and newspapers plays a very important part in developing one’s vocabulary and reading speed. We often come across new words, the meaning of which we are unaware of. That intrigues us to find its meaning. The best thing is to refer to a dictionary. Not only will it help you know the meaning, but also keep you coming for more.

 Watch English Movies, TV Shows or Documentaries

If you are not much of a reader, then you can opt to learn English through watching English movies, TV shows or documentaries. There are a variety of OTT platforms that have movies and TV shows from different countries of the world. If the audio is too fast or the accent is not easily understandable, then you can watch it with subtitles. Watching movies or TV shows with subtitles will improve your chance of understanding the audio better and also increase your reading speed.

Listen to Audiobooks and Podcasts

If you do not have the time to watch movies or the patience to read books, then audiobooks and podcasts might do the trick for you. Podcasts can help you in improving your communication skills. Make sure to listen to the speaker or narrator carefully and take notes on how they talk, pronounce certain words, where they pause etc. You can use these tips and put them in use while conversing with people in actual life. Audio books or podcasts are one of the easiest and most convenient ways of learning English as you can listen to it whilst doing other chores like exercising, travelling to the office etc.

Maintain a Diary

If you are practicing any of the above mentioned tips, then you should also add writing a diary or journal to the list. You can write basically anything like essays, movie reviews, short stories or just personal things about your day to day life. At first it might seem difficult. Start with writing a few sentences about your day. Once you are confident, you can move ahead and explore your skills. Whatever you write in the journal is personal and viewed by none. So, don’t fear judgement, just keep writing everyday and watch yourself coming for more next time.

Practice your Learning with Friends/Family

Family and friends are the ones we converse with on a daily basis. If you are comfortable talking in English around your close circle, you will be confident talking in front of other people or a room full of people. Whatever you learn, practice it with your family and friends as you won’t have the fear of being judged or made fun of.

Online English Learning Courses

The pandemic sure has brought us every accessible thing to the comfort of our homes. The lockdown restrictions might have taken away your chance of attending physical classes, but it definitely can not stop you from learning English online. If you are not much of a solo learner, then group online sessions will give you a classroom like exposure while learning English. Online sites such as Entri provide you with courses like ‘Awal Spoken English Course’ that provide value for your money. Don’t hesitate, enroll yourself now!


Let the age old saying – ‘where there is a will, there is a way’ motivate you to start your learning despite all the odds being against you. You are never too late or old to start learning something new. The things you learn today may come handy in future, be it a university admission interview or job interview.

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English language is most widely used as a means of communication around the world. India is the world’s second largest English speaking country with over 125 million English speakers. But there is a large population that still struggles to get a command over the language. Innumerable classes and courses are available for English learners. Don’t let the pandemic or lockdown restrict you from learning or pursuing English courses. Online platforms are here for your rescue. Now you can ace your preparation for the job interview or college admission interview by following simple tips and learn English just by being within the comfort of your home.

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