Thursday , October 21 2021

How to Activate the Good Kind of Body Fat

When you hear the word fat, you likely think of the unhealthy lifestyle and disease-causing fats. While some fats such as white fats are bad for your health, there are also some good fats in your body. These are brown fats. So, what’s the role of the good fats? These fats typically convert the food you eat into body heat whenever it’s needed.

Differences between brown fat and white fat

When it comes to heat insulation, your body needs both white fats and brown fats, but make no mistake as both fats tend to function differently. White fats will store the much-needed energy in your body and insulate it. When your body is subjected to stress, these fats acts as a layer of protection. It also goes a notch further in regulating your body’s metabolism. But though white fat has a role to play in your body, too much of it is detrimental to your health. When in excess, white fat increases your chances of developing cardiovascular diseases, diabetes type 2, and so on.

On the hand, the main role of brown fat is to convert calories or food into body heat. This happens when the temperature is low. Thermogenesis is the process that generates the heat to keep you warm and it is heavily reliant on brown fats. Like muscles, it tends to burn more calories than white fat. The activation of this fat improves your insulin sensitivity as well as homeostasis.

So, how can you activate brown fat?


There is a naturally-occurring protein in your body that’s known as irisin. Studies show that this protein helps to convert white fat into brown fat. As you embark on exercise, see to it that most of the strength training is done in a cool environment. You can use steroids from reliable vendors like Getanabol to push your limits and accomplish more during your workout session. Exercising will do more than activating the good fats. Other benefits of workouts, especially weightlifting, include better memory and improved moods.

Eat more secretin-boosting foods

Secretin is a hormone that is released after meals. Health experts say that it works well with brown fat and you feel fuller for a longer time after eating. As such, this hormone acts as an appetite suppressor. To reduce your caloric intake and limit your food intake, eat more secretin-boosting foods such as meat, cheese, and olive oil.

Eat apples

You may have heard that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. In this case, ensure that you don’t take the peel off of the apple. This is because the peel has significant ursolic acid and this naturally occurring acid activates the good fat in your body. The next time you eat an apple, don’t forget to eat it together with the peel and you will be doing the body a favor.

Now that we have ascertained that you need to activate the good fats in your body for optimum health, do not hesitate to implement the tips we have shared above.

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