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Wednesday , November 22 2017
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‘ZINC for a Healthy Heart…’

Researchers from the University of Leicester discovered that Zinc plays a key role in regulating the way Calcium moves in the heart cells. Zinc is present in heart muscle and interacts with Calcium to affect heart function. Zinc is the most common mineral in human body beside Iron. Zinc is ... Read More »

Email Has Been Weaponized by Hackers, Results Can Be Deadly

Nearly all of the top million most popular domains are inadequately protected from “weaponized” email impersonation by hackers, formerly known as spear phishing, according to a new study released today by San Francisco-based email authentication service provider ValiMail. One out of every five emails today appears to come from a ... Read More »

Google Study Finds Phishing Is Top Online Threat

Internet data breaches threaten the usernames and passwords of billions of people, but bad actors find phishing is the most effective way to hijack their victims’ online identities, according to researchers at Google and the University of California-Berkeley. In a year-long study of online black markets, the researchers found that ... Read More »

Dyson Institute of Engineering and Technology: Make Engineering Great Again

The Dyson Institute of Engineering and Technology teaches the next generation of engineering enthusiasts. It’s for people with a passion for solving problems and a fascination for how things work. The Dyson Institute is based at the firm’s research and development campus in Malmesbury, Wiltshire, and is the first privately-funded ... Read More »

Bioengineered Pancreas Cells Offers Hope for Diabetes Reversal

Diabetes is one of the leading acute conditions in the world, with about 500 million sufferers worldwide. It’s a condition whereby there is an elevated amount of sugar in the blood due to the inability of the body to turn excess sugar into its storage form, called glucagon. Prolonged high ... Read More »

Microsoft Unveils Programming Language Built for Quantum Computing

At its Ignite developer conference in Orlando yesterday, Microsoft announced that it has developed a new programming language designed to not only run on current computers but on the most advanced machines of the future: quantum computers. Like many other of the world’s largest tech companies, Microsoft has been working ... Read More »

New type of washable solar cell developed

Tokyo: Scientists have developed a new type of water-proof solar cell which can provide electricity even after being soaked in water or stretched and compressed. The finding could open the way for wearable solar cells, which will provide power to devices such as health monitors incorporated into clothing, researchers said. ... Read More »

U.S. Expected To Update Self-Driving Car Guidelines

U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao is expected to announce updated safety guidelines for self-driving vehicles Tuesday during a visit to a Michigan vehicle testing facility. Chao said months ago that she was reviewing guidelines issued last fall by the Obama administration. Under those largely voluntary guidelines, automakers are supposed to ... Read More »

Selfies Could Help Screen for Pancreatic Cancer

Researchers at the University of Washington have developed an app that could allow people to screen for pancreatic cancer by using a smartphone selfie. Pancreatic cancer patients have a five-year survival rate of just 9 percent, one of the worst prognoses for any type of cancer due to the lack ... Read More »