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Atrial fibrillation increases the risk of dementia

New evidence suggests that atrial fibrillation, in which the heart has an irregular beat, is linked to an increased risk of dementia. This knowledge, however, also indicates a potential preventive strategy, researchers show. An irregular heartbeat speeds up the rate at which cognitive function deteriorates, but there may be an ... Read More »

Poor hygiene increases risk of diseases in children

Parents should teach their little ones about how germs are spread and what are the benefits of good hygiene. Children also must be taught about how and when to wash their hands and may be encouraged to practice good hygiene. Measures for good hygiene:- – Make the children wash their ... Read More »

Medical News Today: Just 6 hours of sleep loss increases diabetes risk

The importance of sleep is well-known. A recent study enforces this by demonstrating that sleep deprivation might increase diabetes risk — after losing just 1 night of sleep. A new study investigates the link between sleep and diabetes. Sleep is undoubtedly one of physiology’s most mysterious but essential functions. We ... Read More »