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Atrial fibrillation increases the risk of dementia

New evidence suggests that atrial fibrillation, in which the heart has an irregular beat, is linked to an increased risk of dementia. This knowledge, however, also indicates a potential preventive strategy, researchers show. An irregular heartbeat speeds up the rate at which cognitive function deteriorates, but there may be an ... Read More »

Medical News Today: Dementia: New risk factor examined

Over the years, scientists have identified a number of risk factors for dementia. However, according to the most recent study, that list might be incomplete. Understanding the risk factors for dementia is more important than ever. Dementia describes a group of symptoms that include a decline in memory and cognitive ... Read More »

Medical News Today: Are dementia symptoms worse in winter?

A new study concludes that the changing of the seasons has a significant impact on cognition in older adults. According to the findings, winter may cause a measurable drop in mental ability. A new study looks at winter’s effect on the mind. The four seasons are already known to hold ... Read More »