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Rules for happy co-living with roommates

Whether you are co-living in Bangalore or any other Indian city, roommates can be a great emotional and practical support. They are a likely antidote to loneliness and homesickness. And a huge help in saving one’s bank balance, considering you will be sharing living costs in a new city. But transitioning successfully from strangers to friends to roommates is like driving on a mountain road. If you know in advance where the potholes, the sharp turns and the crumbling hill faces are, you are likely to navigate better. So, here’s a handy list of signposts for a happy co-living experience:

Respect Personal Space:

This is one of the primary rules of home-sharing. Everybody requires their own space. And while the occasional intrusion might be excused, a frequent one is rude and making a habit of it is a sure way to strained relationships. Respect physical space. Respect personal property. But mostly respect the mental space that a person might need. Living with another person is an exercise in negotiating boundaries and a healthy way to start is to understand what they are okay with sharing. And what is a no-go? Do you want to finish that last snack-bar in your common fridge? Ask. Do you want to call some friends over to hang out with? Check-in in advance that your roommate won’t be disturbed. There are two desks in your room? Let your pile of books and stationary stick to your side of the room or house. You’ll soon be able to figure out each other’s triggers and have a peaceful co-existence, where some boundaries can get occasionally crossed without creating a fuss.

Do your bit:

Sharing space also means sharing your lifestyle needs. As such, taking up half the burden will be much appreciated by the people you stay with. Take responsibility for household chores. From cleanliness to daily upkeep, each roommate should contribute and take the onus of caring for their home together. In case of a mishap, they should also own up to their mistakes and rectify them immediately.

Share Household Costs Immediately:

Late payment is no payment. It often happens that a roommate cannot pay a home bill at that moment, and the other person pitches in. While it is a beautiful gesture, often these debts end up being unpaid and lead to bad relationships. Keep money matters clear and honest. It is okay to ask for occasional help, but nobody likes a freeloader.  In fact, planning financial matters in advance and setting aside a household kitty is a smart way to avoid hassles.

Do Activities Together:

This isn’t a rule but more a piece of advice on improving friendship bonds. Maybe you and your roommates can cook together and do the chores alongside each other. This will help finish the work faster, make it more fun, and bring you closer to each other. Are there hobbies that you can do together? Or maybe simply set aside some time to connect – chill over a relaxing conversation, or an exciting video game, or maybe even a movie session? Friendships are born out of the effort and affection you put in them.

Staying together is a great way to experience life holistically. Being surrounded by people you can bank on, makes the newness of a city, familiar. So, whether you be in a rented apartment, a PG for ladies in Bangalore, a managed accommodation like Stanza Living, or any other rental accommodation– the way to building a cordial relationship with roommates and having a happy co-living existence is the same. Here’s wishing you a happy life in a new city.

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