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NCERT Class 10 Solutions: What are the commonly committed Math Mistakes?

A good number of students are found to feel sick at the very words ‘Math Exam’. Many feel uncomfortable doing math just because they do not understand it and hence want to avoid it at all costs. While doing Algebra, students are mostly found to commit some common errors. Identifying such mistakes as well as getting to know them in detail will help you to avoid them in the future. If you fall in this bracket, then you do not have to worry. You can opt for ncert solutions class 10 maths. Doing so will help you to increase your knowledge in this subject and score well.  

Common mistakes to know about

  1. Incorrect process: (-2) ^2 = -4
  1. Correct process: (-2) ^2 = 4

Here, minus 2 square cannot be termed as minus 4. This is because minus squared becomes plus (+). It is important to understand that negative squared results will have positive value.

  1. Incorrect process: X^3+X^2=X^5
  1. Here, Cube X added to Square X does not provide the results X power 5. Rather, you need to multiple Cube x with Square X. However, you should not add those using different powers.
  1. Incorrect Process: (X+5) ^2 = X^2+25

Here, X added to five squared whole bracket does not give square X added to 25. This is because it is rather bracket squared, bracket times, squared bracket times itself. Hence, place X+5 and X+5.

  1. Division by 0

It is a known aspect that 0/X = 0. Majority of the students are likely to consider x/0 to be 0 which is completely incorrect. Here, division by 0 has not been defined. Hence, it is incorrect to consider x/0 to be 0. 

Know about Parenthesis error

  1. (5X) ^2=! 5X^2

Some students being lazy might ignore considering parenthesis. They might simply fail to understand the significance of parenthesis. Hence, they do not include them while solving the equation. This is a gross mistake committed. Such problems do not arise from not understanding the sum. Rather, it is cited to be due to sheer negligence on the part of the student.

 Avail Math solutions from the industry experts

If you struggle with the Math subject, then you should practice the different chapters a lot. To ensure doing the sums the correct way and to have a better understanding, you can rely on portals like Cuemath. This portal offers you lots of math video tutorials, following which you can practice and improve your math considerably.

 Learning made easy

Learning math sessions over the web does offer numerous benefits to enjoy. You do not have to worry about your classmates overtaking you and moving ahead quickly with the other chapters, thus putting pressure on you. Rather, going the online method will allow you to move at your own steady pace and learn the subject well. You do not have to develop or face any pressure in any manner. Simply pause and replace the videos as and when desired any number of times without intervention or issue. It is quite easy, and you also can learn quickly.

Every video that is offered here is segmented systematically to cover different topics. Also, each sum provided here is explained in detail that even the average student can understand it easily. Watching videos does teach you several things. It allows you to take a different approach when solving problems. You can also understand the problem better.

Cuemath covers different types of chapters for Class 10. They very well understand the significance of this class and the need to score high numbers in the board exam. Therefore, you can easily come across a solution for the problem that you are seeking answers for. Students who have trusted this portal have managed to score good numbers in Math subject in Class X. This, in turn, has also helped them secure a good school to pursue their higher studies.

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