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How to Manage NEET Preparation from 11th Grade

Preparation is the first and foremost key to success and to crack any competitive examination and for the ones like NEET, a dedicated and sound preparation is must. Since NEET is the only medical entrance examination, the competition level is very high. Hence, an early preparation is suggested to increase your chances of clearing the examination as there are no alternatives to hard work, preparation and time management.

Check Here for NEET Detailed Syllabus

It is always better to start early as the earlier, the better. An early preparation not only gives you ample time for preparation, it also provides you an edge over your peers, sufficient time to plan your preparation strategies and decide how much time you wish to allocate to every topic and also focus on all the areas. You can also learnwhich your strong and weak areas are and focus on improving the weaker ones as there is ample time. An early preparation also builds up your self-confidence.

If one chooses to start their preparation late, due to insufficient time they have to sacrifice a lot on personal activities thatmight lead to reduction in sleeping hours. But with an early preparation, you can learn, sleep and also focus on various outdoor activities without the fear of your studies getting affected. Students can begin their NEETpreparation with NCERT books and would still have enough time to refer other books after this.

How to prepare in class 11th?

In 11th grade, there is comparatively lesser pressure in school as you don’t have board exams and there is enough time to prepare properly, one doesn’t needs to rush through subjects. You can concentrate calmly and focus well.

  • Get your Basics Right

Start your preparation right from the basics. Try to understand the basic concepts rather than mugging them up as it a multiple choice based exam. It is very important for all your basic concepts to be clear so that you can easily handle any type of questions, especially the easy ones which students often neglect. Also, if your basics are strong, it becomes easier to solve advanced levels questions.

  • A Proper Timetable

Try to prepare a timetable by allocating equal time to each of the sections. Stick to the time-schedule and allocate at least 2 hours every day to study each subject. If you are someone who prefers self-study instead of relying on coaching classes try to increase the number of hours as you would need more attention. Allocate equal time to each subject and do not neglect one subject for another. Also allocate some time even for revision so that you don’t forget what you study.

  • Foundation Courses

Students can also opt for additional coaching for preparation in online or offline mode based upon their choice and convenience. Many of the prominent coaching institutes offer foundation courses for NEET-UG preparation for duration of two years and you can opt for these courses right from class 11th. These foundation courses help you in strengthening the basics and prepare you well to ace the examination.

  • Target Olympiads

You can also target on Olympiad examinations which are conducted every year to provide a better edge to your preparation. The best part about Olympiads is that they encourage critical thinking which is very crucial for an exam like NEET. Olympiads also serve as a great way to know your strong and weak areas and can be beneficial in gauging your preparation. Since Olympiad exams are highly analytical and comprehensive in nature you will get motivated to prepare well for it as they are very challenging and this will in turn boost your confidence.

Get More Disciplined from Class 12th

So, you have already started your preparation from class 11th. But in +2 you need to be sincerer, dedicated, disciplined and gear up your preparation levels even more as it is a crucial time.

  • Preparation with or without coaching?

“You are the master of your own ship” and its only you who can best decide what kind of preparation strategy you wish to adopt – whether to prepare with the help of coaching institutes or to opt for self-preparation without seeking any external help from coaching classes. Well both have their own advantages and disadvantages and the rest depends solely on the student’s comfort and flexibility.

With Coaching

If you preparing with the help of coaching classes, it provides a boost to your preparation and is one of the best modes of studying and learning. You get trained by professionals having several years of expertise and they mentor you well. Also, the coaching institutes have a well-planned curriculum which helps in easing your preparation to a great extent. They also provide you with lot of tips, strategies for preparation, study materials and also practice tests. Again, if you choose to prepare with the help of coaching classes, you can choose between online classes or offline classes based on your choice and preference.

Without coaching

If you consider yourself as someone who can crack the examination without any coaching, you can choose to prepare for NEET onyour own. Self-preparation is also a good way to prepare as you can save both on your time and money. If you feel you are strong with the basics, you can go ahead and rely on self-preparation. Try and refer through good reference books and studymaterials. You can also watch YouTube videos for different topics or take help of the widely available online study mobile apps. You can also enrol for online test series offered by several institutes to enhance your preparation.

  • Strengthen Your Fundamentals

An early preparation from class 11th surely acts as a building block towards NEET preparation. However, try getting a better hold on the basics and brush up all the topics that you have been preparing when in 112th grade. Try to get a better and stronger hold on the basics rather than going for detailed research as it will be beneficial not just for exam preparation but would also be relevant in future, once you get admission. This is also a year when you have board exams, making it important to have a proper balance between both board exams and NEET preparation. Basically, you can start by first completing your board syllabus and then try referring to other standard books for preparation, if required.

  • Take Notes

Make it a habit to always create notes while studying. It helps you in referring to them at a later stage and you can revise whatever you have studied and also if you have forgotten something, you can refer these notes and recollect it. These noteswill even help at later stages if you ever need to remember anything related to the subjects.

  • Mocks, Online tests and Assessments

In order to ensure whether your preparation is going on a right track or not, it is very important to test yourself.And the best way to ensure whether your preparation is up to the mark or not is through online tests, assessments and mock tests. As they say, “practice makes a man perfect” so the more you practice the higher the chances you have to clear the exam. Try solving as many practice papers and mock tests as possible as it would be very helpful to gauge your preparation. There are many types of test series available online, consisting of daily practice tests, weekly tests and also national level mock tests. These mock tests also familiarize you with the actual examination environment and pattern and you become more aware and confident to appear for the exam.

The mock tests accustom you to finishing the exam within the stipulated timeframe. You will also develop speed and become more confident. Try and identify your strong and weak areas and work on them. Also, along with solving these mock and practice tests don’t forget to go through the previous year papers as there may be a chance of getting repeated or similar questions. Previous year papers would also familiarize you with the difficulty levels of actual paper.

  • Going for Group Discussion

Group discussions are one of the best modes of communication as they expose you to a variety of people and a huge number of ideas. The more you talk to people the more ideas you get and the more ideas you get the more you can implement and use them for your own benefit. Discussions help you improve your weaker sections as you can know the tips and tricks which will help you clear the examination. You get to know about the mistakes being committed by others and also, you can identify your own mistakes. You can take help of others to strengthen your weak areas and also help them in improving their weak areas. By discussing with people, you can also devise new strategies for preparations and also adopt shortcuts to fasten the interview process.

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