Sunday , December 5 2021

Govt’s big decision favouring farmers

The Narendra Modi government has been constantly working for the welfare of farmers. Prime Minister Narendra Modi met about 140 sugarcane farmers at his residence on Friday and discussed all issues that were troubling them. Prime Minister took stock of their concerns and made a big announcement, much to their relief.

He said that the Cabinet at its next meeting would  approve implementation of minimum support price of 150% of input cost, for Kharif season 2018-19. This would significantly boost farmers income.

The Prime Minister also said that within the next two weeks, the Fair and Remunerative Price FRP for sugarcane for the season 2018-19, will be announced, which would be higher than 2017-18 price. States have been told to ensure payment of cane arrears by sugar mills.

The farmers who had come from Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Maharashtra and Karnataka, were overjoyed by their meeting with the Prime Minister.

The central government had earlier too announced big relief for sugarcane farmers. At an earlier meeting the Cabinet had approved a package of about Rs.8000 crores for sugarcane farmers and sugar mills. Among the steps taken so far for this sector –

30 million tonnes of buffer stock of sugar has been approved. Sugar mills will keep the buffer stocks and government will compensate them to the tune of 1175 crores rupees.

A minimum price of 29 rupees per kg for sugar has also been approved. A soft loan worth for Rs 4,500 crore for raising the capacity of ethanol production from sugar mills has been approved.

Government will bear the interest of the first year on loan for which a provision of 1332 crore rupees has been made. A subsidy of five rupees fifty paise per quintal has been declared for sugarcane, and a package of 1540 crore rupees has been earmarked for this.

Government has made it clear that farmers are their priority. Even if there is a bumper crop the farmers need not be worried as the government will fully safeguard their interests.

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