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Thursday , November 23 2017
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Finance comp lock BJP leader with family, seals house for loan recovery

Udaipur : In a dramatic turn of events, officials of a private finance company sealed the residence of a senior BJP leader at ShivPark colony here under Bhupalpura police station area on Monday. While the officials were carrying out the process, the house owner Motilal Dangi who is the general secretary of the BJP, and his family members remained inside the building while his tenent who lived in the ground floor was made to leave the house which was locked and sealed in presence of the police. A seizure notice was also pasted outside the building. Later night, Dangi secretly called one of his relative who cut opened the seal and broke the locks. On Tuesday, the company reportedly initiated legal proceedings against the BJP leader for contempt of court orders.

A total amount of 80 lakh rupees is said to be due on the BJP leader against a loan of 3.5 crore rupees that he  had borrowed from Capital First FInance company. The loan installments is said to be due since 19 months and the company had served several notices to Dangi to clear the outstanding amount. According to sources, the company had initiated legal proceedings and sanction to seal his house from the district magistrate six months ago. However, owing to his political connections, the company didnt receive assistance even from the local police, sources claimed. On Monday the company’s team arrived from Delhi to conduct the seizing procedure and inspected the premises. While the activities were being carried out, Dangi and his family remained locked inside their rooms and didnt come out.

Many BJP leaders and supporters had gathered outside his home and opposed the proceedings but the officials completed the sealing and left. Dangi’s advocate said that his tenant had a court’s stay in his favour to enter the house, however, the company didnt pay  heed to his claims and drove him away. Late night, one of Dangi’s relative tiptoed to the main gate and opened the seal and broke the locks. The entire episode was much talked about affair for Dangi being quite a wealthy man with a properpous real estate business and investments in the share market. Few months back, someone had opened fire at his car outside his home, however, noone was hurt.


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