Dog Home Foundation: An NGO that needs all your support and attention right now

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Dog Home Foundation is among those NGOs that work for the speechless souls in every way possible.

It is so surreal to know and learn about all those businesses, platforms, and brands that work to cross boundaries and create a prominent difference in the lives of the people they cater to. Over the years, these platforms and businesses could garner much recognition because they focused on doing the “different” and ensured to reach their desired success and growth. However, we couldn’t help but notice the rise of not a business or an agenda-based brand but a certain platform, a non-profit organization for animals, and specifically for dogs, named Dog Home Foundation. In a very short span of time, this particular NGO has garnered all the love from dog lovers across the nation, thanks to the genuine intent with which it has been created, which is to serve these speechless souls.

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Dog Home Foundation is an NGO that provides free services for injured strays, ill, and accidental dogs in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India. They are treated for their injuries by well-experienced doctors and nursing staff. The best part about Dog Home Foundation is that they only accept donations in the form of medicines, or people can make donations via the latest online payment portals. Be it on Facebook, Instagram, or any other social platforms; the NGO has been trying to spread the word around the helplessness of the stray dogs and animals and how people must come forward to help them or donate for them in any possible way because they need us.

Dog Home Foundation has been helping boost the lives of these strays and to save the lives of injured stray dogs. It has become a home for the dogs, founded by two selfless souls named Kuldeep and Dhaval, who noticed how horribly strays and, in some cases, even the pets were treated and to come to their rescue, they decided to start this NGO as a firm step towards saving their lives and providing them with food, water, and other necessities.

They are only spreading smiles among the voiceless and becoming their hope. The team at Dog Home Foundation now motivates others to be that hope for them.

To know more, follow it on Instagram @doghomefoundation.

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