Wednesday , December 1 2021

12-year old boy rape four-yr old girl in Udaipur village

Udaipur : In an utterly shocking incident, a 12-year old boy at Dhudana village under Jhadol police station, raped a four year old child from his neighbourhood on saturday afternoon. The accused belongs to the extended family of the rape survivor and lived in the adjacent house. His parents were away when he saw the child playing outside the house. He took her to his home and committed the crime. As the girl bled profusely, she cried loudly in pain.

The minor was terrified and fled from home. ” The incident took place around 3.30 pm, the survivor’s parents were labourers and came to work in Udaipur. Though the child’s step mother and other women were inside the house, they didnt notice that the child was missing as they believed she would be playing nearby” Jhadol SHO ChandraShekhar said. The incident was known around 5.30 when the child’s parents returned and found her in blood soaked clothes. The police officer said that medical examination revealed the penetration didnt happen as the child bled intensively during the initial act, she has sustained injuries on her private parts. ” The case has been lodged under the POCSO Act, the survivor was produced before the Child Welfare Committee which sent her with parents after completing legal formalities” the cop said.

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