Sunday , December 5 2021

Zensar Technologies launches 3 in 1 insurance module in South Africa

Zensar Technologies has launched 3 in 1 insurance module in South Africa. It is a custom data module designed for the Insurance industry, developed leveraging Salesforce Community Cloud. The module enables a single, centralized 3 in 1 view across consumer, agent and employee data.

The portal provides the unique ability to digitally handle every aspect of Insurance business needs across digitally onboarding customers, Policy Management, Claims Processing, Single view of Customer (SVC) data as well as providing Services through multiple channels. This application is designed for field service, providing the real-time availability of field agents and enables users to dynamically book agents for field services.

Zensar Technologies operates as a software service company. It is engaged in software development, networking, e-commerce, and systems integration services. It also provides consulting, collaboration services and business process outsourcing services.

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