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Virginia E-Learning Supports Authors Through A Secure Media Solution

Nowadays “e-learning” is pretty much of a common concept, being indeed several sources for it; from online training to free or pay streaming platforms. Nonetheless and with these great sources of distribution comes the problem of copyright infringement.

“Most common e-learning and streaming platforms hand the responsibility to users and authors, not providing any real intellectual property protection. And the truth is that when a copyright infringement is found by the latter, the damage has already been done,” says Rusty Patterson, Publications Manager at Virginia E-Learning.

Many authors get discouraged by one of two things; not getting enough attention in streaming platforms for achieving any significant revenue, or piracy freely distributing their work with no benefit to them (publicity or others). And people stealing copyrighted material to sell it on popular platforms is also not unheard of.

The first is particularly true when talking about very specialized content; anything related to engineering or any other industry niche. This type of material is indeed valuable, as many professionals do need to be up to date and the cost of personalized training could be quite significant, even for big companies. But on the other hand, by being targeted to a reduced audience, it’s rarely the focus of attention in streaming platforms.

At the end the only protection authors have is hoping for their work to be out of the statistics and not becoming the object of piracy, or if it does, that the damage taken from it is minimal.

At glance this seems to be a losing battle, as some companies even try to discourage piracy by offering online training at prices well below its actual value; $20.0 to $5.0 USD in the lower end.

Virginia E-Learning focuses on the development of training material for specialized industries, such as civil engineering and language programming, and most notoriously structural engineering. All complex subjects are valuable for professionals in the industry, but simultaneously scarce when compared with most of the e-learning tutorials produced by several other companies; since creating this kind of content can be rather expensive.

Due to these, Virginia E-Learning has always put great emphasis on creating a secure way of distributing this type of training material for the benefit of both the authors and the professionals who need of precise and thorough information.

And while it may be true that no software protection is perfect, according to Virginia E-Learning, the results offered by their secure media solution are staggering, diminishing piracy of e-learning content almost to a 100%.

It’s not just about enforcing intellectual property rights, it’s also about income.

Of course, this isn’t just about enforcing intellectual property rights, its also about income produced from e-learning material, according to Virginia E-Learning, authors creating their content under their secure media can earn as much as 10 times from their work, than if they were to distribute it across most common e-learning and streaming platforms.

The reason for this may be obvious. Unauthorized distribution of copyrighted content happens not only across the internet but across companies, as multiple employees can be trained from one single e-book or series of e-learning videos. This benefits the companies as it reduces training cost by quite a significant margin but greatly affects authors by diminishing the revenue that might have come from teaching multiple users.

“Authors taking advantage of our secure media have found major benefits as they feel more encouraged to create better content more frequently,” says Rusty.

This proves beneficial both parties as end users will obtain better quality training material from highly motivated professionals.

Regarding the costs, having one’s work protected by this secure media is actually free when signing up with Virginia E-Learning, as they provide a distribution platform of their own.

Authors of e-learning material interested in having their work published and distributed under this secure media can contact Virginia E-Learning.

Virginia E-Learning
Established in 2012 is an e-learning company focused on the development of training solutions for engineering and professionals of several industries, being part of a publishing group that has over 20 years in the business of training and consultancy.

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