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Tuesday , December 12 2017
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VIDEO : Restaurant owner pour boiling dal on cops in Udaipur

Udaipur : Two constables sustained burn injuries after a restaurant owner poured boiling dal on them on Monday noon. The cops had gone to the accused’s hotel to ask him to come to the police station for an investigation against him that had been pending for some time. The accused and his wife created a huge scene as they attacked the cops. The accused even  pulled out the gas tube from the burning stove and threatened to explode the entire neighbourhood. Shocked by the impulsive behaviour, keepers of the adjoining shops ran away to save their lives. After much efforts, the cops could control the accused and hiswife who were forcibly taken to the police station and arrested later. 

The incident took place near celebration mall under Sukher police station area where Radheshyam and his wife Pushpa ran a small hotel. Radheshyam had borrowed some money from one Sajjad Ahmed and had been unable to return it. Sajjad had given a written complaint at the police station. ” On Monday two of our constables had gone to his hotel to ask him to appear at the police station for a statement. The man suddenly took on a wild behaviour, he hurled abuses and suddenly poured hot dal at the cops. One got burnt on hands while another one received the hot liquid on his face” Mangilal Puwar, Sukher SHO informed. Not limiting to this, the accused took out a kerosene bottle and threatened to immolate himself. In a fit of rage he pulled out the tube connected with the burning gas stove and threatened to explode the entire area. Panic hit the  street for some time as the cops struggled to control the man andhis wife who resisted the police violently. ” On an earlier occasion too, the accused had behaved in the same manner and caused burn injuries to Sajjad Ahmed when he had gone to demand his money. We have arrested the couple under sections 332 and 353 of the IPC for physical assault and impeding government officials in their duty” the SHO said. 


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