Saturday , October 23 2021

Top Marketing Tips for social networks and e-commerces

Have you developed a business idea that you are convinced of? Then it is now important to inspire others for your product or service. In order to stand out from the competition and win customers, target-oriented marketing is essential. We have put together the top 10 most effective marketing tips for you:

1. More than just advertising

Marketing is not just advertising, it encompasses the entire activities of a company to promote the purchase of a product or the use of a service. It is therefore an interplay of situation analysis, goal setting, development of a strategy and finally its implementation.

2. Situation analysis

First, analyze your current state. What is your current situation, who are you competing with? A classic model is the SWOT analysis in which strengths (Strength), weaknesses (Weakness), opportunities (Opportunities) and risks (Threats) are listed. These will help you to define your goals more precisely.

3. Set goals

What do you want to achieve? It is important to set clear goals for yourself. Only in this way can a marketing goal be formulated and ultimately implemented. In the process, vague formulations such as “to make more sales” should be rephrased into realistic and precise goals – such as the percentage by which sales should be increased or how many customers should be gained.

4. Marketing mix

The right marketing is made up of various instruments. Product, price, communication and distribution policies should be combined into a balanced mix. In the service area, personnel, process and equipment policy are also included.

5. Strategy

Develop your marketing strategy. The 4 Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion) will help you here: What special benefits does your product or service offer? How is the price made up? How do you organize sales?

6. Be present!

Whether at trade fairs or on the Internet – present yourself and your business idea! Only when people find out about your company can they use your products or services. It is particularly important to have your own website, which is now a business card on the Internet. Always make sure that it is up to date and clear. An email address or phone number should be found with just a few clicks.

7. Social media

Social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Google+ have become an integral part of our everyday lives – and they offer great opportunities for entrepreneurs! For instance, with Facebook (the biggest social network) you can reach billions of people interested in your product. For a good start of the advertising campaigns, you can buy Facebook page likes for cheap prices. You can reach many people for cheap through regular posts. On the other hand, social networks also harbor risks, such as the company’s loss of control over its own channels or negative public feedback. Regular maintenance and moderation of these same media is therefore inevitable.

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