Wednesday , December 8 2021

How Suresh Shrimali is playing a prominent role in advocating for the rights of hundreds of families

Suresh Shrimali, a social activist and astrologer is playing an integral role in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic through direct help to individuals, giving however continuity of service as possible and responding to new requests and expectations from people. From offering financial and emotional support to instructing the larger community, his role entails navigating what is often a complex and evolving circumstance.

He took all the accountability for the main road in the colony area, also organizes blood donation camps every once in a while. Along with this, for the poor, deprived, backward, helpless, and orphaned children he continues to make provisions for the proper education.

In addition, the distribution of warm blankets, shawls, clothes, and food items by Gurudev every year has become a key part of his life in places public housing centers, old age homes, and child care. At the same time, he helped Banamantha by providing an invaluable amount of Rs 51000 / – to the victims of the recent flood affected Shrimali families.

For a majority of abandoned migrant workers and struggling communities in Jodhpur, Gurudev Suresh Shrimali’s initiative is coming as a relief. For them, hope does exist, even in these dark times. Hustling tirelessly to serve the residents, Suresh Shrimali collects funds, buys food packages, and distributes them to the people in need, sometimes till midnight. With some local support, he is providing necessities to a starving crowd. Additionally, he has been playing a significant role in ensuring that more than 100 families spend this lockdown with food and essential services.

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