Foreign vegetables from Udaipur enhance the taste of big hotels and restaurants

Udaipur . Udaipur is gaining a unique identity in the field of agriculture due to its innovations. Rajasthan Agricultural College has played a special role in this.

The college experimented with growing foreign vegetables, which was successful. These vegetables are in demand in five-star and seven-star hotels in Udaipur. These vegetables are parsley, celery, and Thai basil. All three foreign vegetables are rich in medicinal properties.

Senior vegetable scientist Dr. Kapil Ameta said that these vegetables are in high demand abroad. They were ordered from outside in Udaipur, but now that they are being produced here, they are also being sent to hotels in the city.

Local vendors from Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology affiliated to Rajasthan Agricultural College take them for Rs.100 to Rs.150 per kg and sell them for Rs.300 to Rs.400 per kg. The special thing is that these vegetables are prepared with organic manure. The scientific names of celery, parsley, and Thai basil are Apium graveolens, Petroselinum crispum, and Ocimum basilicum respectively.

Thai basil : Daily demand of 40 kg

The price of its leaves is Rs.100 to Rs.200 per kg. It is used in salads, soups, pizzas, and pasta. Apart from this, it is also used in fast food. The daily demand in Udaipur hotels is around 40 kg. Earlier they were ordered from Gujarat, Delhi, and Himachal Pradesh.

Parsley : Used like coriander

It is used like coriander to enhance the taste of vegetables at home. In foreign countries, it is added to non-vegetarian food. Its price is up to Rs.400 per kg. It is grown in winter. It can be grown in a poly house all year round. Its leaves are like coriander.

Celery : Soup is made from leaves

Its leaf soup is made. It is anti-cancer. Celery leaf consumption is useful in cancer. It is also used in salads in hotels. There is a demand for its stalks in the market. It is also a winter crop. It can be grown in a poly house all year round. Its price is up to Rs.200 per kg.

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