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Budget Android Phones India – Most Affordable Smartphones in 2020

Mobile phones are not a luxury, but rather a necessity. Hardly anyone can function without these pieces of portable equipment.  However, whenever we are buying phones, we have to consider the price range. The budget more often than not dictates the range, manufacturer, features, and specifications.  Thankfully, the mobile industry in …

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A Day with Samsung’s AI-enabled Smart Appliances

Don’t we all want to simplify our complex lives? Don’t we crave work-life balance, and someone to take the ‘work’ out of housework? Samsung’s AI-enabled and smart home appliances can do just that for you, making short work of managing workout routines, cooking meals, driving in the city and even …

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Globetrotting with Galaxy: The Kingdom of Thailand

    It is almost time for summer vacation and our hearts have never longed so much for a holiday. When memories of beaches and mountains seem like the only escape, we decided to unlock the treasure trove of travel photographs.   Right from the turquoise waters, we handpicked ‘The …

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How Sir Isaac Newton Discovered Gravity While Working From Home

Who would have thought we will see a global pandemic in the 21st century? But here we are witnessing everything. Coronavirus is a deadly virus that initially originated in Wuhan, China but knows has spread to almost every country, to every city, to every place where life exists. The government …

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[Editorial] Designing A Sustainable Future

We have seen the world change substantially this year, and now more than ever, people are looking for ways to achieve a global future that is, at its heart, sustainable.   Sustainability has always been a central theme for us designers; we understand the crucial role design plays when it …

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