Sunday , December 5 2021

BJP spreading distrust-divide, only Congress can restore peace- Pilot

Udaipur : Rajasthan Congress chief Sachin Pilot urged the party workers to play a significant role in conveying the party ideology and its programs to the common man ahead of the assembly elections. Pilot said the BJP has made life miserable for the common man by increasing water and eletricity tariff. Youths are knocking doors to find a job, crime against women and girls has increase many folds, the BJP is creating divide between castes and sections of society and a negative environment that had never been seen in 70 years, is prevailing now in their rule.

The PCC chief was addressing a large audience at the RCA ground here on Thursday at the ‘Mera Booth,Mera Gaurav’ program. Pilot said ” the BJP call itself the largest political party, however, they havent been able to find a unit chief so far. People from every walks of life, middle and poor class are tired of their false promises, their lies have been exposed now and so poeple no longer trust their words”. Urging the booth workers, Pilot said that the grassroot workers have to play an important role in taking forward the Congress party’s principles and agendas before the public so that they can decide who are better deserving to come to power in the next election.

The PCC chief also said that at a time when distrust, discrimination, intolerance, misery prevails in the country, only Congress has the power to bind people together in unity and restore peace and integrity. AICC general secretary Avinash Pandey in his speech said ” the results of bi-elections almost everywhere has exposed the public sentiments and BJP’s position could be estimated by these results. The party has rapidly lost its base and trust among the common,specially farmers and the down trodden class”. Former union ministers Dr C.P Joshi, Dr Girija Vyas, NamoNarayan Meena, leader of the opposition Rameshwar Dudi and many other dignitaries addressed the gathering.

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