Monday , October 25 2021

Why Every Woman Should Travel Alone at least Once in Her Lifetime

As a woman, traveling solo may seem a daunting prospect. With so many preconceptions surrounding women traveling alone, it is easy to back out when the opportunity arises and to opt for the safer choice instead – to travel with company. However, the reality is very much different from what people imagine; traveling solo can be one of the most liberating experiences you could ever give yourself!

Whatever your reason is for embarking on solo traveling – whether it is a breakup, loss, life-changing move or to relieve the monotony of your everyday life – traveling alone aids the healing process. Being alone during your travels may not sound like the ideal remedy for a broken heart, but between staying put in misery and hitting the road to explore new destinations, the latter is a great opportunity to get yourself out of the usual places that may constantly remind you of your sadness. The geographical distance creates room for decluttering of the mind for more clarity, not forgetting the emotional and mental inventory check. New environments and daily adventures help in preventing your overactive mind from sliding into the rabbit hole, and from the process, you begin to understand your priorities and meaning in life. As you slowly open the door for socializing during your travels, you are now open to the opportunity to connect with inspiring strangers from around the globe!

If you are lacking in self-confidence, a solo trip will help you discover the resourcefulness that you possess that can subsequently result in a boost of confidence. As you invariably learn to solely depend on yourself and yourself only during your travels, you will find that you are now more well-equipped to deal with situations that may have once intimidated you. This sense of self-reliance only comes from experience and you will learn how your new-found survival instincts mean you are now capable of making decisions for yourself. The independence you gain from solely relying on yourself during your solo travels will no doubt make you a more confident person, knowing how resourceful you actually are and solving problems on your own as a result.

As a woman, it is essential to truly understand yourself in order to love yourself. While it is human nature to compare yourself to other women, it is not a healthy practice especially if you are always left green with envy for the advantages they possess. Solo traveling helps you discover yourself – strengths and weaknesses included – and to embrace your individualism. Traveling opens your eyes to discover the vastness of the world and the differences in its people; from their faiths, personalities, appearances, and financial statuses. You will come to realize that every person has his or her own uniqueness regardless of social statuses, and while you may lack certain qualities when comparing yourself to other women, you most certainly possess qualities that they do not have. It is only when you discover yourself that you will truly come to terms with the insecurities within yourself.

Solo traveling also allows you to break out of your comfort zone. When you are familiar with how the system works in your home country, it is easy to go about your day-to-day life without many problems. However, when you travel solo in a foreign land you are on your own; hence the need to do things out of the ordinary occasionally. You learn to deal with issues of your own accord, and as a result, you learn to adapt quickly to a world completely different from that you know of. As you experience human kindness on a whole new level from the help strangers offer and give you during your travels, your faith in humanity will be restored. It is easy to be divided from one another in today’s complicated world, but at the end of the day, you will begin to appreciate the little things in life – humanity and kindness. The simplicity of life still exists in these little things despite the many troubles of the world.

While traveling alone has its many pros, you should practice due caution and determine what feels right to you. Creating conditions that are likely to turn out in your favor will ensure you have a safer, smoother and enjoyable trip. Gauge the dress codes as well as cultures of the country you are visiting and remember to trust your instincts, even if they may prove to be wrong – it is always better to be safe than sorry. By using common sense, making good decisions and having confidence in yourself and your ability to travel on your own, you will no doubt be rewarded with rich experiences – that calls for sharing great travel stories with your friends and family when you get back from your adventures!

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