Where to Start Earning Money Online in 2021

Covid-19 has been a game-changer for many people, businesses, and even industries in India. The entire concept of work has been redefined. Today, millions of people need to earn money from home, and there are quite a few ways to do it. Here are a few suggestions to help you earn money in 2021.

Today, there is a plethora of opportunities that were inconceivable a few decades ago. Smartphone apps allow users to make money wherever they are. Even access to the largest financial markets is more affordable than ever. Discover three avenues that are bound to see rapid growth.

  1. Life Coaching Online

Coaching is a booming segment as many people are eager to share their experience for a fee, and a wide audience is ready to listen. Over the past 20 years, coaching has exploded worldwide. This may be explained by the popularity of positive psychology and neuroplasticity, as coaches use ideas from both fields to help people discover their potential. To an extent, coaching is also built on psychotherapy findings.

Coaching is popular because humans crave simplicity. They want somebody to explain complex ideas and help them find solutions to their problems. Today, when our lives are so fast-paced, and there are so many distractions, it is often difficult to hear your own inner voice. You can become a certified coach by taking a course online and connect to potential clients on Instagram.

The coach does not have to be narrowly specialized. Of course, there are career counselors, financial coaches, as well as health and wellness specialists who certainly need a solid educational background. However, if you want to be a life coach, you do not have to restrict yourself to a single field.

Some people are just naturally gifted in helping others solve their challenges. They may create a consulting business to share their insights. The bottom line is: if you are charismatic, open-minded, and willing to learn, you may teach others and earn money on this.

  1. Profitable Online Trading

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, the online trading industry has seen explosive growth. Of course, Forex, stocks, and other instruments were popular before the crisis. Now, however, when so many people are left without conventional sources of income, and movement is restricted, the appeal is stronger than ever.

You can work from any mobile phone or tablet, whenever you like. Traders are no longer tied to their desktop devices all day. Global brokers like ForexTime provide the flexibility that was unimaginable at the dawn of retail trading in the 90s. Gain access to several markets and trade them simultaneously. Now, trading Forex in India is more affordable and accessible than ever.

Usually, everyone starts with Forex as it is the least complicated option. Most instruments follow the same logic: you buy low and sell high. Thus, mastering Forex prepares you for diversification. You may add more instruments to your portfolio through the same broker and platform.

Today, popular options include spot metals and CFDs, i.e., contracts for difference. These are virtual derivatives linked to various underlying assets. For example, there are CFDs on commodities like crude oil, market indices like FTSE 100, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, stocks of the largest corporations like Amazon, etc.

When you trade CFDs, you basically bet on the direction of the market. No ownership is required. For example, when you trade CFDs on WTI, you only speculate on the price for the oil, but no physical barrels ever change hands. Therefore, if you know a certain market, you make a profit from it directly. Moreover, these instruments are leveraged, so you can open positions worth more than your deposit.

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