Tuesday , November 30 2021

OPPO introduces the F19: The sleekest smartphone with 5000mAh battery*& 33W flash Charge

Udaipur : OPPO, the leading global smart device brand, announced the launch of another sleek marvel under its renowned F series – the new OPPO F19, in India. The OPPO F19 is another trend-setting minimalist sleek device under the F19 series that comes with a 33W Flash Charge to charge the massive 5000 mAh yet maintaining a light weight and a sleek design.

The launch event, which was the ‘fastest launch event ever’** was hosted by stand-up comedian Zakir Khan. The event resonated well with the F19’s Flash Charge as it concluded in just 5 mins, and in the same time the F19 provides with a 5.5 hour of talk time!

With the recent launch of OPPO F19 Pro Series, the company achieved a momentous landmark of selling a staggering 10 million units of F series products, all thatin a short span of six years only. The F series has always been loved by the trendsetting youth of India and is renowned for allowing users to Flaunt their life. F series particularly, has time and again demonstrated several state-of-the-art industry first innovations. For instance, the Dual selfie camera in the OPPO F3, the 25 MP front camera in the OPPO F7 and the sleekest OPPO F17 Pro.

Along the same lines, targeted at the always-on-the-go young consumers, the OPPO F19 comes packed with features, such as the 33W Flash Charge, large 5000mAh battery, AMOLED FHD+ display, in-screen fingerprintand the latest ColorOS 11.1based on Android 11; all of this packed in a sleek and stylish body.In fact, the OPPO F19  is the sleekest phone with 5000mAh battery in its price segment*.

Speaking on the launch, Damyant Singh Khanoria, Chief Marketing Officer, OPPO, commented, “. In line with OPPO’s commitment to bring in the trendiest technology to more customers, the F Series truly offers something for all types of smartphone users, be it in terms of technology, perfectly suited for your life day-to-day, or the stylish sleek design. The F19, likewise, stands for all the values that F Series promises and we’ve pulled out all the stops to give you more value with an improved designand better screenwhen compared with the previous generation of this phone.”

“The legacy of F Series can be established from the fact that the brand has till date, sold 10 Million F series smartphones in India. Thanks to our retail partnersReliance Digital andTATACromawho have been instrumental in achieving this landmark. They have been a strong retail associate for all our F Series products starting from F1 Plus in 2016 to F19 Pro series in 2021. We recognize their support in achieving thismomentouslandmark and are most thankful to our consumers without whom this feat would have been impossible”he added.

Super sleek and fast: Charge for 5 mins and get 5.5 hours of talktime

Boasting a large 5000mAh battery, the OPPO F19 offers all-day power and ample battery life throughout your day. Additionally, you’ll spend less time charging and more time enjoying your life day-to-day with the 33W Flash Charge that can provide a 5.5 hour of talk time or up to 2 hours of YouTube with just a 5 min charge. It fully charges the OPPO F19 in only 72 minutes and gives up to 54% in only 30 minutes of charge. So if you’ve forgotten to plug your phone before you went to bed and only have few minutes before you head out, F19’s 33W Flash Charge ensures that you’ll have enough battery life that will last till to you reach your destination.

The OPPO F19 also comes with the AI Night Charge which intelligently charges your phone in intervals so that your phone isn’t continuously charging while you are asleep at night. With AI Night Charge, the charging periods are customized based on your sleeping and charging habits that decrease the risks associated with charging a battery for a long period of time when frequent power outages are a reality that would cause unstable voltages. This also decreases the risk of the battery overheating and being damaged from prolonged charging, which also would then reduce the battery’s life span.

Sleek Design: Flaunt Sleek and Fast

The OPPO F19 sports a well-crafted sleek body and is certainly the sleekest* smartphone with a 5000 mAh battery under 20k segment.  You’ll be surprised, that despite packing in a large battery, OPPO F19 manages to fit it all into a slim, well-crafted and beautifully designed body. With OPPO F19, OPPO has managed to meticulously narrow and thin the device so that users can enjoy not only its performance but also a 3D curved grip that offers a comfortable in-hand feel. In fact, OPPO F19 is only 7.95mm thick and weighs about 175g only.It uses a die-casting aluminum alloy technology so that the thickest part of the motherboard cover is only 0.21mm. The battery is reinforced on both sides, narrowing the profile of the phone, while shoring up its strength.

AMOLED FHD+ punch-hole display for immersive viewing

 OPPO F19’s AMOLED FHD+ punch-hole display boasts a 2400 x 1080 ultra-high resolution screen for you to get fully immersed in your games or videos. F19’s 6.4” large screen has a 90.8% ultra-high screen-to-body ratio, which is comparable to the high-end F19 Pro’s display in terms of the real estate. To maximize the space dedicated to the screen, the front-facing camera uses a tiny 3.688 mm punch-hole camera with super-thin 1.60 mm bezels. Embedded in the bezels around the camera is a Hole-punch light ring, which lights up when you receive a call or use the front camera. This means for a phone that’s nearly all screen you’ll enjoy clear and delicate images on a large mobile screen so you’ll be fully immersed in your favorite TV shows or mobile games. And in the vein of maximizing the real estate dedicated to its screen, OPPO’s uses In-Display Fingerprint 3.0, which is embedded under the display but not obstructing your screen.

And in line with the sleekness of the phone, OPPO F19 comes with a beautiful back cover design featuring a smooth 3D curved bodythat achieves not only a more refined look in line with today’s current design trends, but also feels good in your hands. The back cover colors come in Prism Black and Midnight Blue. Prism Black, draws people’s gazes to the depths of its futuristic black hue, while with Midnight Blue, you can sit back and chill with its icy blue gradient thanks to OPPO’s dip dye process. Topping it off, OPPO F19 uses a vacuum plating process for the Middle frame to enhance the phone’s premium, metallic aesthetic as light reflects sharper up and down the phone.

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