Friday , October 29 2021

How a Location Tracker in India Ensure Better Fleet Management?

As per a research study by Frost and Sullivan, GPS fleet management systems can increase the productivity and vehicle use of your fleet by 10-15 percent and 15-20 percent, respectively, while also reduce fuel consumption by 20-25 percent, idling time by 20-30 percent, miles driven by 5-10 percent and overtime by 10-15 percent.

Besides, today’s advanced location tracker systems enable labor savings for up to 30 minutes per day, per driver. Moreover, there is more to GPS location tracking systems than reducing cost and improving vehicle performance.GPS Solutions from top companies providing location tracker in India for fleet management system enables effective fleet management. So, if you are considering buying a location tracker in India, keep in mind how it can ensure better fleet management for your business.

  • Cost Reductions

GPS location trackers for fleet management lowers the overall cost of your fleet inmultiple ways. It decreases fuel consumption and administrative time and helps save on expenses related to maintenance, wear, and tear, and unauthorized or negligent driving behaviors. As your drivers will know that your fleet uses one of the best location trackers in India, they will avoid idling or taking extra trips, which will enable further savings.

  • Reduces Paperwork

Most GPS location tracker in India enables digitalization of fleet-related data and documents, which means you don’t have to manage piles of paperwork for each activity. You will have features that record all such data. Additionally, this digital transformation allows you to go completely paperless andsaves valuable time on tedious administrative tasks.

  • Monitoring Vehicle Usage

The best GPS location trackers in India offer more than just tracking features. You will find advanced fleet location tracking systems that monitor vehicle usage and check improper driving activitiessuch as detours.Some advanced location trackers in Indialike KENT CamEye also provide add-on features such as driver identification for ensuring that only authorized drivers use a specific vehicle.

  • Dual Camera Setup

Considering the general disregard towardstraffic rules in India, over-speeding, running traffic lights, and rash driving aretypical. This is where KENT CamEye, one of the bestGPS dashcams with location trackers in India, offers innovative and effective features such as a dual-camera setup to help you stay updated about your vehicle’s whereabouts, facilitating you to look both inside and outside of the vehicle. Besides such advanced location trackers also enable AI-based notification.

You can put an over-speed limit on the KENT CamEye app to receive real-time warningsif the drivers exceed a specified speed threshold. This way, you can prevent your drivers from indulging in reckless behaviors.

Due to today’s increased security concerns, buying an advanced GPS location tracker in India that offers new-age features such as live streaming videos and two-way calling ensures you can monitor your fleet whenever you want from anywhere in the world.

Find The Best Location Tracker In India And Increase Fleet Productivity

Whatever be the size of your fleet, the best solutions for location trackers in India will benefit your organization in various ways. Now that you know how a location tracker in India can ensure improved fleet management, explore options such as KENT CamEye.

Such a GPS location tracker in India not only helps you monitor your vehicles and drivers but also provides you withthe real-time locationand related data of your fleet.To facilitate reliable and comprehensive security solutions for your fleet, you can buy suchan advanced location tracker in India from Amazon India.To learn more about this advanced locationtracker, book a free demonstration today!

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