Financial mismanagement leading to the burden on state exchequer: Anita Verma

Hamirpur (HP), April 17 : Former All India Mahila Congress chief, Anita Verma has said that the state was facing a huge fiscal crisis due to the financial mismanagement and failure of the state government to control the situation. In a statement today, she said that in the election year the state was buried under a debt of Rs 75000 crores, but the state government has nothing to count on its achievements of the last 4 years, so it was engaged in making announcements only, and the financial mismanagement of the present government is making the state the path difficult. Anita Verma said that it would have been better if the Chief Minister would have made plans to reduce the rising unemployment in the state for the last four years so that the educated youth of Himachal Pradesh do not have to migrate to other states for jobs. The Congress party leader said that in the Covid period, the state government had campaigned loudly that they had made a data of people who had lost their jobs during Corona, but no one knows what was made of that data. From this, it appears that the state government is not yet serious about the problem of unemployment which has become problematic. Anita Verma said that in Hamirpur, the most literate district of the country, the situation of unemployment has become such that thousands of youth applied for the posts of 23 multi-task workers in the Deputy Commissioner’s office, in which the youth had applied even with Ph.D. degrees. This was living proof of the anti-youth policies of the present government, she added. She said that instead of having a dig at the Congress party, the Chief Minister should think of its own party that was divided into four groups. They should not forget that in the elections held under their patronage, the BJP has lost all the by-elections and has not even been able to save bail in one place. Anita Verma said that no matter what the Chief Minister may announce, the truth was that he has proved to be a failure Chief Minister and now people of the state were for a change and the Congress party would regain the power in the coming Vidhan Sabha elections. /CSS/ GNK

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