Wednesday , October 27 2021

Al Ain Zoo Celebrates World Chimpanzee Day

Al Ain Zoo celebrated World Chimpanzee Day, an occasion to encourage international humanitarian action to care for, protect, and preserve chimpanzees in the wild.

The day commemorates Dr. Jane Goodall’s visit to the Gombe Stream National Park in Tanzania, where she studied wild chimps. Dr. Goodall is a scientist and conservationist of global importance.

Al Ain Zoo has seven chimpanzees, two males and five females, whose origins are the tropical forests and savannahs of Africa. These animals face various threats, such as the degradation of their natural environment, poaching, and the transmission of diseases from people.

In accordance with international standards, the zoo offers the highest care to these chimpanzees using a strategy of enrichment for example: environmental, food based and positive reinforcement. Enrichment includes the provision of various novel items and different materials so they can make their nests. Regarding food enrichment, their diet includes ice cubes made from juices and sliced food items. We also scatted sunflower seeds and peanuts throughout their enclosure so they can forge as if they were in their natural environment.

Al Ain Zoo is currently building a Chimpanzee forest, which will be the biggest open-air chimpanzee exhibit in the Middle East, a new natural habitat for what is considered one of the most intelligent animals and one of the largest known primate species in the world. 

The exhibition will provide visitors with an opportunity to watch the chimpanzees in both summer and winter. Visitors will be able to cross a footbridge over a pond to the forest, where they will be able to see the chimps living their daily lives in a simulation of their natural environment.

Al Ain Zoo pursues the highest standards in its conservation practices, care, feeding, and monitoring, such as continuous care, well-regulated nutrition, and a special monitoring program. In addition, the zoo provides unique and varied educational experiences about the animals in its care to visitors of all ages.

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