10 Amazing Reasons to Buy Royal Enfield Classic 350

The Royal Enfield Classic 350 is one of the most popular bikes among the Indian bike enthusiasts. It packs power, style, features and pride- everything that one looks for in a bike.

Royal Enfield Classic 350
Royal Enfield Classic 350

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Additionally, the extensive Royal Enfield service network aims at providing necessary customer support and maintenance pan India. Furthermore, with the help of the already voluminous selection of Royal Enfield accessories, you can modify the motorcycle to better fit your needs.

The Classic 350 can handle anything, from travelling in busy traffic to cruising down the highway. Indeed, there are various reasons for buying this bike. Discussed in this piece are 10 major reasons listed for your reference. But before that, you should also know the importance of insuring your bike.

Get Your RE Classic 350 Insured

It is no secret that Royal Enfield Classic 350 is one of the most desired Indian bikes. However, to avoid unnecessary monetary outflow due to any untoward instances like theft, natural calamities, accidents, etc, one can opt for Royal Enfield bike insurance online for comprehensive protection.

With online bike insurance, the hassle of availing insurance and paperwork becomes nominal. The claim process is also quite fast. Besides this, one can also opt for several add-ons and seek faster insurance renewal.

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Why Buy the Royal Enfield Classic 350: 10 Reasons

Owners of Royal Enfield motorcycles are always aware of their worth. They never handle the motorcycle the same way they do other vehicles. It is treated as a member of their family and a member of their household.

Nevertheless, there are many reasons why one should unquestionably get a Royal Enfield Classic 350. The top 10 reasons to purchase a Royal Enfield Classic 350 are as follows:

  1. Comfort

The bike provides exceptional comfortability and ease, from the seats to the grip. The sitting position is appropriate in relation to the handlebar. During a long ride, one won’t likely experience any discomfort. The back seat passenger will also find the pillion seat to be very pleasant because it is rather long and well-padded throughout.

  1. Excellent quality MRF tyres

The company provides MRF tyres, which greatly aid in maintaining stability on roadways. The tyres’ incredible endurance and toughness are also impressive. They can be suitable for riding on rough terrain as well.

  1. Customisable

Royal Enfield is all about dedication and passion. Therefore, dedicated riders may desire to customise their bikes uniquely. With the Royal Enfield Classic 350, one may personalise it however they like. Most importantly, one can modify the bike’s appearance by switching out the handlebars, seats, leg guards, and exhaust pipe. The fact that these parts are readily available on the market is an excellent thing.

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  1. Brilliant cruise control

The cruiser on the bike is the best within ₹ 2 lakhs. The motorcycle will be perfectly steady if one travels at a pace of 80 kilometres per hour. But if one goes faster than that, they can experience some vibrations.

  1. Look and feel

The Royal Enfield Classic 350’s entire body is finished in metal. Metal is the only material used; neither plastic nor fibre has been used. As a result, the bike is made adequately tough and has a sturdy and premium appearance.

  1. The legendary engine sound

We can argue that this bike’s heartbeat is unmatched by any other bike. A bike enthusiast will only be able to comprehend the inner fulfilment and sense of belonging that the sound of the engine alone provides. It has a 4-stroke, twin-spark single cylinder that is more than sufficient to give you an unforgettable experience.

  1. Torque

The pulling power of the Royal Enfield Classic 350 is strong due to its high torque. It provides 28 Nm at 4,000 rpm, which is quite high compared to other bikes’ capabilities.

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  1. Mileage

The bike features a 350cc engine, and the manufacturer estimates that it provides 35 to 37 Kmpl. Moreover, it runs smoothly, and it can go up to 45 Kmpl, and as per ARAI, the Royal Enfield Classic 350 gets 40 Kmpl on average.

  1. Head lamps

Although there are no projector headlamps, high beam and low beam lights are so effective and top-class that you can even ride on completely dark roads without any difficulty.

  1. Commuter’s dream bike

If you acquire the 350 Classic to use for an urban commuter, you’ll be indeed very pleased. In addition, it can also be highly suitable for highways, mountainous roads and other challenging terrains. The fuel efficiency, engine power and torque are perfectly blended in this bike to make them suitable for various types of roads.

Make your Royal Enfield Classic 350 purchase easier with a bike loan

Today, taking out a loan is a much more hassle-free and practical alternative.

Cash-only two-wheeler purchases can be expensive, and one may risk dipping into the savings. Even if one has enough money to purchase a new bike, taking out a loan is a more convenient solution because it enables better budgeting and financial handling.

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However, one needs to find a suitable lender with comparatively lower interest rates to ensure loan affordability. One can compare lenders using a bike loan EMI calculator to settle for the most affordable bike loan.

Owning a Royal Enfield is much more than just having a bike. The name Royal Enfield conveys pride. It is vital to opt for Royal Enfield bike insurance to protect the valuable asset and to keep one’s finances secure in the long run.

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