Tuesday , May 22 2018
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Google to now show who is behind US political ads

Policy changes being rolled out come as online ad ‘duopoly’ Google and Facebook strive to avoid being used to spread misleading or divisive ads aimed at voters. “Our work on elections goes far beyond improving policies for advertising,” Google senior vice president Kent Walker said in a blog post. “We’re ... Read More »

Google Employees Protest Drone Work for the Pentagon

Thousands of staff at Google are protesting against the company’s work with the Pentagon’s surveillance drones program. Called Project Maven, the program uses Google technology to automate the analysis of objects in the enormous amount of images that are captured by the Department of Defense’s unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). More ... Read More »

Google’s Vaunted Head of AI Now Works at Apple

While comparisons vary, Google Assistant tends to outperform Apple’s intelligent digital assistant Siri in a range of areas, which likely explains why Apple has just hired Google’s John Giannandrea to run its machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) efforts. Employed by Google since 2010, Giannandrea (pictured above) began working for ... Read More »

Privacy, Data Woes Pile Up for Facebook and Google

As the fallout continues from recent news reports detailing how Facebook enabled “digital warfare” based on its users’ personal data, Google is also facing heat for the vast troves of information it collects about people. Earlier this month, revelations emerged about Facebook’s role in making it possible for the U.K.-based ... Read More »

Oracle Beats Google Big in Court; Debuts Admin-Free Database

Yesterday’s ruling by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit reversing a jury decision on Google’s use of Oracle’s Java API packages “protects creators and consumers from the unlawful abuse of their rights,” according to a statement from Oracle general counsel Dorian Daley. However, advocates of fair use ... Read More »

Twitter Joins Google and Facebook with Cryptocurrency Ad Ban

Twitter today confirmed that it too will be banning private ads for cryptocurrency sales and initial coin offerings. It joins Google, the world’s biggest online ad company, which announced earlier in March it would no longer show ads related to cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. That move followed Facebook’s January ban on ... Read More »

Google Will Now Let Musicians to Post Updates Directly to Search Results

In what could damage Twitter’s popularity, Google is now allowing US musicians to post updates directly to its Search result pages. This update is an expansion of the Posts on Google feature that the company first rolled out for big companies and celebrities in 2016, and included local businesses last year. “Posting on Google ... Read More »

Google Extends Areo’s Services To Pune

Pune: Google on Tuesday extended to Pune the services of Areo, the food delivery and home services app that makes everyday chores and ordering food easier. Areo, built specifically for the Indian market, was first launched in April 2017 in Bengaluru and Mumbai. It has since expanded to Gurugram and ... Read More »