Thursday , December 2 2021

Suraj Borana a known Bollywood singer and actor releases his upcoming music single “piya pardesi”

The upcoming song of singer and actor Suraj Borana will attract audience attention. The song will be soon released under the music label prime music production. The song is a song related to pure love form starring Neha Aaswani.

The audience is waiting for his upcoming song as the music singles by Suraj are always with some new and unique conceptual ideas. Suraj is not only a singer but also an actor who has acted in his song “Teri meri yaariyan” starring himself and other 2 (Ghanchi Shailesh and Mahendra Kumawat). “Teri meri yaariyan” song is sung by Suraj himself.

The song depicts the friendship between the three boys and they are there for each other to tackle problems of their lives. This song is penned by Dhanraj Dadhich and has reached more than 2 lakh plus views which are all organic ones. Suraj Borana is proud for his work that has gave him fame and name in Bollywood. When asked Suraj said “ I love shahid Kapoor to my heart and will like to work with him”.

Suraj Borana will be soon working with famous music production that is Zee music. Suraj is a gentleman a person with ethics and loves to be professional. Suraj has more than 8-10 plus single music song released in Hindi. And more than 25+ Rajasthani single music albums released on major music platforms.

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