Pokémon Go Launches Support for Hindi Language, Gives Popular Pokémon Hindi Names

Pokémon Go game has launched support for the Hindi language, and has also given popular Pokémon Hindi names. This is a significant development for the game, as it will make it more accessible to players in India and other Hindi-speaking regions.

Some of the popular Pokémon that have received Hindi names include:

  • Pikachu: पिकाचू
  • Charizard: चारीज़ार्ड
  • Blastoise: ब्लास्टोइस
  • Eevee: ईवे
  • Mewtwo: म्यूटू
  • Squirtle: स्क्वर्टल
  • Bulbasaur: बल्बसौर
  • Ivysaur: आईविसौर
  • Venusaur: वेणुसौर
  • Charmander: चारमेंडर
  • Charmeleon: चारमीलियॉन
  • Butterfree: बटरफ्री

The Hindi language support is available in the latest update of the Pokémon Go game. Players can enable the Hindi language in the game’s settings.

The launch of Hindi language support is a welcome move by Niantic, the developer of Pokémon Go. It will make the game more accessible to a wider range of players, and help to promote the game in India and other Hindi-speaking regions.

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