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Mothers moved by Udaipur Collector’s open letter on road safety

Udaipur : Udaipur collector’s open letter addressed to women on Mother’s Day urging them to bind sons not to drive without helmets is moving the hearts of the fairer sex. The officer’s letter has cast a major impact at a mass level that organizations and voluntary groups have stepped  ahead to spread the message far and wide. Women specially teachers at various  colleges, professionals have vowed not to let their children drive two wheelers without proper head protection.

Collector BishnuCharan Malick on ‘Mother’s Day’ had taken  the opportunity to communicate with women and share his personal experience with them. In the letter, Malick said that he happened to visit a friend’s place to extend condolence on the death of his 19-year-old nephew who died in a road accident. The boy died because he wasnt wearing a helmet. The collector’s  narration was heart rendering as  he said that the boy’s mother was fainting every few minutes while mourning over his body. Malick had urged mothers claiming that compared to fathers, mothers are more close to sons and if they are determined that they wont allow their sons to drive without helmets, number of road casualties caused due to reckless driving could be reduced.

The officer had also said that soon a campaign would be  started in the district to sensitize  riders specially youths on the  importance of helmet. Meanwhile, women specially mothers seem to be much touched by the letter. Dr Arti Prasad, assistant professor at the Science college here said she would hold a lecture soon to sensitize her scholars on the issue. Teaching faculties at the Law college Deepti Sharma, Megha Bhatnagar, Nidhi Bhatnagar and others said students specially boys would be asked to wear helmets compulsorily while coming to college. Housewife and member of many kitty groups Hansa Bansal said that the issue  would be  discussed in the upcoming gathering and mothers would be asked to take promises from sons that they wont drive without helmets  nowon.

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