Wednesday , December 8 2021

Markets closed as residents protest outside Rajsamand collectorate

Udaipur : Tension gripped Rajsamand city on Tuesday as hundreds of residents, mostly women collected outside the collectorate and staged a severe protest. The locals were infuriated with the authorities for allegedly demolishing a structure where people had been worshipping a Hanuman idol for many years.

The structure is located on a pasteur land in Tarsingda village near Baghpura, some 4 kms from the district headquarters. According to sources, people mainly belonging from Bhil and nomadic community who lived nearby have been worshipping the idol for many years.  However, the muslim community had given a memorandum to the authorities recently claiming that the place is their Namaaz area. The police reportedlydemolished the structure on Monday night and tookaway the idol with them. The action was taken without informing even the village Sarpanch and hence when the people came to know about it in the morning, they were infuriated. As the news spread, large number of people began collecting in the area leading to a tensed situation.

As they walked through the streets in a large rally, people shut down their shops and the markets wore a bandh like look. Shops at oldbus stand, Jalchakki choraha, chopati, Mukherjee chowk etc remained  closed throughout the day. Meanwhile people gathered outside the collectorate building and raised slogans against the one-sided action of the police and demanded the idol back to be placed at the worship place. Later a delegation met collector P.C Bherwal who assured them to resolve the issue in three days and allot proper land for worship. On the assurance, the protest was withdrawn.

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