India powerhouse of knowledge, tradition: Arif Mohammad Khan

New Delhi : Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan on Friday said that India not only stands in the category of developed countries but also has achieved the highest position of strength based on its rich knowledge tradition.

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Expressing his views on the topic ‘Developed India’ in the ‘Deepotsav: Panch Prana’ lecture series organized under the joint aegis of Hindusthan Samachar News Agency and Indira Gandhi National Center for the Arts (IGNCA), Khan said that many civilizations boast about that they made us civilized by invading India and ruling here. The truth is that when those civilizations were barbaric, they were looking for a way to live, at that time the land of India was a ‘golden bird’ on the basis of its wealth of knowledge.

He said that in the past India was not a ‘golden bird’ because we had immense wealth, but we were the center of knowledge.

Giving the example of Swami Vivekananda, Rabindranath Tagore and other sages, the Governor said that we have been worshipers of knowledge, have been earning knowledge and passing it on to others. He said that Indian philosophy believes that one who has attained knowledge, has attained Brahman, he awakens the hunger to share this wealth.

Presenting all the arguments and quotes, he said that keeping a sense of friendship towards everyone, creating such an attitude that there is no room for hatred towards anyone, this is the core of Indian culture and civilization.

He said that some people say that ‘he’ ruled India and gave the Taj Mahal, the Red Fort, they should know that the Prophet in Arabia, Hazrat Muhammad had said long ago that India was the cold wind of knowledge. From the land, the gusts are coming.

Giving examples from around the world, Khan said that whatever scholars of the world have written on the history of the world, a large part was first composed and read on India. India is the only country which is known for the promotion of knowledge and wisdom.

He said that the day we stop sharing our knowledge, understand that at that very moment we sign the warrant of our downfall.

The Governor of Kerala said that under the vision of a developed India by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the next 25 years, we will be able to fulfill the dream of our freedom fighters only when there are complete arrangements for better education and health for every child. This is possible only when we revive our knowledge tradition.

Arif Mohammad Khan said that Modi has spoken of ‘Panch Prana’, we have to work in the direction on the strengthening our knowledge and only then develop India’s dream will come true.

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