Friday , September 17 2021

How 2020 Generated Discourse About Pressing Social Stigmas?

2020 was the year when the whole world changed as we know it. The pandemic of COVID’19 brought something in stores that no one was ready to buy. The world’s economy has suffered to a great extent, and people all around the world suffered losses in ways that are simply beyond comprehension.

People were locked down in their houses for almost a year, and this sudden change in our lives generated discourse of several issues the world has been turning on a blind eye for too long.

For example, civil discourse about the mental health crisis is generated, and people started to understand the struggles of those who were suffering in silence for too long. You can even publish your stories at The Doe site.

In this blog, you’ll find out how 2020 generated discourse about pressing issues of society that were long overdue.

Here’s everything you need to know about it:

The Lockdown Exposed the Great Evils of Social Injustice

Social injustice has always been there, and it has always affected different classes of society in a systematic manner. However, the lockdown served as a triggering factor, and it made people realize how the system is rigged against those who are less privileged and how it is designed to favor those who are already in the position of power.

This realization generated a civil discourse that ultimately leads to some great advancements like passing legislation to help the people suffering from the pandemic by different states like the United Kingdom and the USA.

People came out with Their Struggles More Confidently

If the lockdown provided us with something in common, it was the sufficiency of time. It made people think about all the pain that they have been enduring throughout their lives and how it may have affected their mental health.

It was the reason that during different phases of lockdown, many people came out with their stories and exposed their abusers for the sake of their mental health. This generated a civil discourse about the mental health stigmas because many people experienced what it’s like to be in someone’s shoe who has been suffering from something of this magnitude.

The Cruelty of Capitalism is Being Discussed More Openly

The discourse about the cons of capitalism has always been there, but this pandemic-induced lockdown exposed the true face of capitalism in a way that no one has anticipated. People shared their horrible and heart-wrenching stories about the state, and the whole system only favors those who are in power.

Above all, it exposed how all the taxpayers of the state are not being treated equally, and there is a dire need to bring changes in the system that favors those who are underprivileged.

Issues of Gender, Race, Ethnicity, Based Violence were highlighted

The pandemic exposed how different genders, races, ethnicities are being treated differently, even during a global crisis. It generated a massive discourse and gave a new life to revolutionary movements like BLM and feminist movements.

While the pandemic is something that no one will wish to face in their lives again, it brought some very pressing issues of society into the limelight. We can only hope that the spark of discourse it generated lights up the path for a better and bright future.

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