British hosts frustrated over visa processing delays

London, April 23 : As millions of Ukrainians fleeing the conflict zone are seeking refugee in the neighbouring countries, the visa application process for the UK has caused growing frustrations both among the refugees and the British hosts. BBC quoted the hosts as describing being at their “wits’ end” because of delays processing visas for young children. One couple sponsoring a family under the UK’s Homes for Ukraine scheme has said that the family members’ visas came through at different times, despite applications being sent on the same day. After being criticised for not doing enough for the Ukraine refugees, the government had recently announced a family visa scheme for the Ukrainians who already have a family in the UK. Later, Homes for Ukraine scheme was announced allowing people to host an individual or a family who is not related to them. According to BBC, the family members and potential hosts have criticised the government for taking too long to approve visas under the two schemes, which they say are too complicated. Meanwhile, Home Secretary Priti Patel has apologised for the “frustrating” delays. RNJ

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