Sunday , December 5 2021

Alwar Murder case- Police finds blood-soaked clothes from Jat’s room in Udaipur

Udaipur : The Alwar police on tuesday discovered blood soaked clothes worn by the accused Hanuman Jat when he killed five persons in Shivaji Park area on October 3. The multiple murder case have been a much hyped affair wherein Santosh Sharma, a 35-year-old taekwondo coach had plotted with her lover to get murdered her husband, three sons and a nephew.

Jat was Santosh’s love interest who was persuing BPEd course from a private college in Udaipur. Jat is in police custody who was brought here on tuesday for recovery of the spoiled clothes and other evidences. The accused lived in a rented room at Azad Nagar kachhi basti and investigation team discovered the clothes the accused had hidden as soon as he reached Udaipur immediately after the murders. Police has  also found a bunch of keys from his possesion. Jat also took them to the various places in the city he had moved around after the brutal crime.

Notably, Santosh Sharma had plotted the murders with her Hanuman Jat and had hired two contract killers Kapil (19) and Deepak (20). The woman had given her husband and children food laced with an anaesthetic drug which led them to fall asleep.

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