Monday , October 18 2021

A healthy heart for healthy and long life

The heart is, undoubtedly, one of the most significant organs of our body. The basic functions of the heart are to supply oxygen, nutrients and remove unwanted waste from the body. Our life is dependent on the efficient functioning of the heart. As the heart is an important part of the body, it is our duty to keep it healthy and choose the best medical care and treatment in case of any cardiac problem.

Common symptoms of a heart ailment

Heart disease is also termed as a “cardiovascular disease”. In the case of cardiovascular disease, the blood vessels have either blocked or narrowed that can cause chest pain, stroke or heart attack. A healthy lifestyle can prevent and control some form of heart disease. The symptoms during heart ailment like chest pain, fainting, and shortness of breath are very common. A person should seek emergency medical care if he/she observes any of the above symptoms. Heart disease can be cured very easily in the case of early diagnosis and immediate medical intervention. There are many factors that are responsible for heart diseases like family history, age, sex, smoking poor diet, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, diabetes, obesity, stress, physical inactivity, etc.

It is a big and important question for a heart patient to choose the right cardiologist and the best hospital. People of small towns usually rush towards big cities due to the lack of proper medical facilities in their area. For Indian citizens, Delhi has always been the first choice for cardiac treatment.

Services and treatment offered by a heart hospital

There are many options for good heart hospitals in Delhi. They are equipped with advanced equipment and upgraded infrastructure and an experienced team of specialists. They provide treatment to the heart patients suffering from any kind of cardiac ailment. Treatment and procedural services provided by top heart hospitals in Delhi as given below-

  1. Services offered:
  • 24-hour cardiologist support.
  • Ultra-modern (CCU) Coronary Care Unit and (ICU) Intensive Care Unit.
  • Super-fast ambulance service.
  • Advanced “cardiac cath lab” to diagnose and treat cardiovascular disease.
  • 24-hour ambulatory ECG.
  • 64 slice -CT-Angiography to detect minute blockage.
  1. Treatments offered:

The top graded hospitals for heart patients offer standard service with complete care. Few renowned hospitals in Delhi for heart patient provide the quality treatment for all types of heart disease like Heart blockage, Heart failure, Heart attack, Heart valve leakage, Ischemic heart disease, inflammatory heart disease, cerebrovascular heart disease, anginas, etc.

Patients may access the highly advanced and well-equipped heart hospitals in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and various other big and small towns, for heart ailments. But as an owner of this body, it is your responsibility to avoid anything which goes against our physical health. Lifestyle is a key factor in the health of the human body. An unhealthy lifestyle sometimes leads to critical complications that can’t be cured with medicines. Good lifestyle prevents us from any type of heart disease and any other health issue.

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