#Mission5000 – Mission Josh joins hands with Singer Tulsi Kumar to impact the lives of 5000 people in the Covid affected cities across India

Mission 5000 by Mission Josh joins hands with renowned Bollywood Singer Tulsi Kumar to impact the lives of 5000 people through our partner NGOs in affected cities across India by providing free oxygen concentrators to patients at home. There is a massive shortage of oxygen and beds leading to deaths in hospitals. The initiative aims to give free-of-cost oxygen concentrators that provide oxygen for patients who need help at home and are not severely critical. The campaign goal is 5Cr and every contribution matters.

The country has been reeling under the impact of the second wave of coronavirus in which the patients are suffering from oxygen shortage. Meanwhile, due to the surge in cases, there is a huge demand for oxygen concentrators. Amid the massive shortage, social media is flooded with messages of people looking for oxygen concentrators for their friends and family. Tulsi Kumar has been the voice of India in the music industry and now she gears up to be the voice of people who are affected by the second wave. This initiative is to create a massive impact during the current times and is supported by Special IGP of Maharashtra Dr. Pratap Dighavkar, Farhana Haque, and Farzana Haque.

“With the second wave and its ongoing crises and massive effect in India, I realized it’s time to act. We launched the #Mission5000 initiative which aims to provide free-of-cost oxygen concentrators to the COVID patients who are less critical and can be treated at home. The idea is to help patients at home, to save beds in hospitals for the severely affected patients. Every drop in the ocean counts so each contribution that comes as a donation from people who plan to donate to our ketto campaign, will add to the massive impact we can create collectively. Along with Mission Josh’s founders Mansi & Vinav, I am extending my support to the affected citizens. We are involving NGOs in different cities and states to provide these oxygen concentrators to the places that are most affected and in dire need. The goal of this campaign is 5Cr and this amount will in total impact 5000 lives. Once the impact is made we will donate these concentrators to hospitals, NGOs so the cycle can continue since these concentrators have a lifespan of upto 5 years. I believe in voicing up for causes that are close to my heart, and I have seen a lot of deaths around me since the first wave- so this mission helps me in ensuring we are impacting as many lives as we can. This is the link to support our initiative: https:// www.ketto.org/fundraiser/mission5000 I express my gratitude in advance to each contributor, supporter and my media friends.” says Tulsi Kumar.

With this initiative, Mission Josh is teaming up with multiple NGOs in different parts of India to provide concentrators to patients at home. It is time for us to step up and help in any way that we can. Every contribution matters, share this with your friends and family to help us spread the word. “We knew we wanted to have someone like Tulsi Kumar who can lead the initiative with pure kindness and love, to serve the need of the hour.” said the Founders of Mission Josh, Mansi & Vinav.


Commenting on the collaboration, Varun Sheth CEO & Co-founder Ketto.org said, “We are delighted to partner with Mission Josh for Mission 5000 initiative which aims to provide free of cost oxygen concentrators to the COVID patients who are less critical and can be treated at home. The initiative will help us to limit the burden on the hospitals, our endeavour is to reach maximum patients and caregivers and support them with oxygen concentrators. At Ketto, we are constantly working towards bridging the accessibility and affordability gap, since the past two weeks, Ketto has hosted over 2500 COVID relief campaigns out of which 30 percent is around raising funds for oxygen and COVID care supplies. Thus far we have raised over INR 70 crore for various COVID relief campaigns.”

Link to support the initiative: bit.ly/tulsifundraiserketto

This initiative will help impact the lives of people in Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Guwahati, Surat, Pune, and a few more cities. We intend to help cancer patients who test positive and require immediate attention and help right at their homes. This help will be extended through our partner NGO, Sanjeevani- Life Beyond Cancer. Delhi Police team affected by Covid will be helped with oxygen concentrators through our partner NGO, Ladli Foundation. And affected people who live alone or have old members at home will also be helped through our partner NGO, Silver Innings. The goal is to provide oxygen concentrators to everyone while focusing and prioritising the ones who need it the most.

Link to Support

Support the Mission here: https://www.ketto.org/fundraiser/mission5000


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