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List of top Plagiarism Checker recommended by the educators

Plagiarism is an act that misuses concepts or words of some other person without recognizing or giving credit to the source.

But that’s not the only possible option. Plagiarism is in general a misuse of intellectual property, whether it is a photo, piece of art, idea, or philosophy.

The intellectual misuse of this kind of offense is also labeled as plagiarism.

Plagiarism is a serious offense, whether intentionally or not. It’s like copying the thoughts of another and presenting your success from it.

Plagiarism is taken as one of the most extreme infringement of intellectual honesty in learning institutions.

Both teachers and students must follow intellectual integrity standards and acknowledge their sources, facts, and thoughts.

Forms of plagiarism

It can occur in following various forms

  • Plagiarism by word or direct plagiarism implies the direct use of vocabulary from external documents without paying attribution. It is easy to put the statement inside inverted commas and to quote the source as a way to discourage this form of plagiarism.
  • Self-plagiarism happens when someone recreates and writes his work. The best you can do is still quote your works.
  • Accidental plagiarism occurs if anything is misunderstood by an external source such as unintended rephrases, inability to respect citation standards, and so on. You should write notes of the source used in order to prevent unintentional plagiarism and check quotation guidelines.
  • Mosaic plagiarism or patchwriting takes place when an author exaggerates quotations without understanding the sources. Such plagiarism may suggest a lack of study or proper knowledge of the subject. And if a source may be suggested in the endnotes, it is not enough and is potentially a significant infringement.

Top plagiarism checker tools

We have investigated the top 5 right tools that give excellent value for money to help you save time in choosing the best plagiarism checker.

You will also learn more about these applications’ general features, advantages, and disadvantages.

1.      Prepostseo


The Prepostseo provides one of the best plagiarism checkers forfree of charge and without any authentication of 1000 words for your paper.

It may be used to refer to the source by searching written content on the millions of websites and resources for locating the source. It helps you to quote the source instantly with a single click.


  • It allows content editing, downloading, or importing from PC, Google Drive and OneDrive
  • It checks and emphasizes the plagiarized content and shows the results in percentage
  • The paraphrased content is also highlighted in your writing
  • Fast, easy, and secure to use
  • It produces the Plagiarism report which can be accessed and shared over various platforms
  • Provides smartphone application to directly check the content from your mobile


  • For files more than 1000 words, it asks you to login for the premium version.
  • Does not recommend spell and grammar correction.

2.      Grammarly


Grammarly is an easy-to-use grammar checker with a fully integrated plagiarism scanner. You need to simply copy and paste the text here and let it do the rest.

Grammarly plagiarism scanner will highlight your plagiarism mistakes in green and you will know what phrases to modify so that your text does not become show any plagiarism.


  • Perfect interface which stands out directly in terms of customer experience.
  • Suggestions for improvements with a single press. Accept the recommended improvement or deny it.
  • Grammar, spelling, and word placement advice to develop the writing style immediately.
  • Download it to integrate with MS word.
  • Support unlimited number of words


  • If you want to use the plagiarism tracker, you must buy the premium edition.
  • The suggestions are not necessarily 100% correct. You will also have to decide whether the new improvements are right for you.

3.      Unicheck


UniCheck is an outstanding racial plagiarism checker technology designed for college students and professors. It is an interesting, very detailed service, so it’s worth the cost.

With regards to the plagiarism outcomes, it is at the same standard as grammarly.


  • Professional layout.
  • Recognizes several upload forms of documents (including Word doc, Pages, TXT, and PDF files).
  • Comprehensive checks and user friendly.
  • The initial payment starts at only $5 and pay per usage.


  • If you plan to use it for all your tasks, it might end up expensive in comparison with other monthly premium programs.
  • Does not have the functionality of grammar and spell control.

4.      Plagium


Plagium is also another program that allows you to directly check your paper for plagiarism.

Students have listed this among the best tools available to check plagiarism because its pricing strategy is very relatively inexpensive. You spend a subscription fee per check instead of a monthly one.

For customers who only want to do one or two inspections each month, this could be an excellent solution.

This is also an unrestricted checker with a very limited number of words (1,000 characters).


  • Works well for browsers so that no software needs to be downloaded.
  • Evaluation is quick.
  • The pay-per-use method is inexpensive from just 1 dollar.


  • It only permits you to download the file when you use a paid version.
  • Scan sites such as Twitter and Facebook for social networks.
  • The free browser quest does not underlinethe plagiarized content. It only shows the plagiarism percentage.

5.      Quetext


Quetext is an unbelievably simple plagiarism checker. All you need to do is go to the website, paste your text or upload the file into the box, and click the “check plagiarism” button. That’s it. The plagiarism percentage with the report is on your screen.

The simplification of the tool is the thing that most students and teachers admire about it. No distracting layout or extra features are available to slow down the process.

It is easy to check your file because the text that is underlined is plagiarized. You will have to go to paraphrase it and re-check the text.


  • Simple and easy interface.
  • Complete and thorough analysis.
  • The quotes proposed for the plagiarized text are given.
  • Free of charge per month for the first five checks.


  • If you intend to make more than 5 checks a month, you will have to pay.
  • The maximum number of words for free access is 500 words per request.
  • There are no recommendations for grammar and spelling errors.


Many types of plagiarism checking methods can be found online. The software comes with different functionality for various purposes.

If you want a basic plagiarism checker tool, Unicheck and Plagium would be one of the best free resources.

Grammarly, Prepostseo, and Quetext are among the best resources for students and teachers to check plagiarism.

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