Thursday , October 28 2021

Karmic cleansing to balance body’s energy fields

New Delhi, Oct 8 (udaipur kiran) In an interview with udaipur, energy healer and multi-dimensional galactic translator, Judy Satori speaks about her being a catalyst and an activator for Spirit. The author and spiritual teacher says her spiritual purpose is to help usher in a new beginning and a new way of life for us on the Earth. She shared her thoughts at the recently held Global Festival of Spiritual Sciences 2019 at the Pyramid Valley International by Thriive Art and Soul, Bangalore.

Q) You have an online community, how important is the digital space for spirituality, healing and meditation?

Satori : I run an online community: This has tools and programmes that are infinitely important for people and their overall development. The library is a pool of content that can help people in a big way. It’s all about getting to your higher self. They can use these ascension programmes for free. We, humans, are energy beings. I work with energy words in clearing the energy that sabotages energies from past lives or the karmic energies from the previous lives.

Q) Energy is the source of life, do you agree with this?

Satori: Humans are energy beings. We are atomically made of multi-dimensional energies. Atoms (which we are made up of) carry power and energy. That’s why it is not wrong to say that our core structure is filled with energy. What you feed or steer clear in your energy zone, is who you are.

Q) How much of a negative impact can karmic energy create in our lives?

Satori: This solely depends on what you term as negative. Karma is not doing anything good or bad. You can define it as an energy distortion which limits and sabotages our lives. When distorted energy begins to vibrate on our energy field, we think and feel emotionally in the way that we may have felt or thought in our past lives. Hence, what we are now, is the totality of all energy vibrations that are created or experienced in different lives. All the energy that is created or experienced is called karma.

Q) Today we are experiencing a very violent time across the world. Why do you think this is so?

Satori: I’d say that today we are living a transformation in the plant. Each of us has the choice of aligning with peace or aligning with separatism. The world thus has to pick between these polarities.

Q)) Can you give a few steps for simple karmic cleaning that one can practice each day?

Satori: In my ascension library, we have a section where I mention ways of karmic cleansing named ‘Healing The Pain’. These are freely accessible for people.


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