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Contact Lens Hygiene: Stop Making These 5 Assumptions

When you’re handling a medical aid technology such as a contact lens, remember to consider science over self-made assumptions. This statement applies not just with regards to choosing the right types of contact lenses for yourself, but also for following contact lenses hygiene.

For example, clean filtered water may be safe enough to drink, but it isn’t fit for storing any types of contact lenses, so don’t do it!

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Eyes are a delicate body organ, and the lenses sit on their surface, you must follow the right practices for maintaining good eye health. Millions of tiny microbes that you can’t see with your naked eyes, live and grow in seemingly clean places. Your stomach may be able to handle such microbes, but as these little micro-organisms mix with the chemistry of contact lenses, they may give rise to big problems.

Fortunately, you can easily avoid any eye complications but complying to your eye care specialist’s recommendations and instructions.

Here’s a helpful cheat sheet with critical do’s and don’ts of contact lenses compliance, so that you don’t need to make unnecessary assumptions such as:

  1. Contact lenses can be cleaned with water.
  2. You can share cosmetic contact lenses with others.
  3. Neglecting the contact lens care regime for a couple of days in a month does not harm the eyes.
  4. You can go swimming while wearing contact lenses.
  5. You can stretch an extra day or two out of your disposable contact lenses.

Do’s of Contact Lenses Compliance

  • Properly wash your hands with soap and let it dry completely before touching your eyes or contact lenses.
  • Diligently follow your eye care specialist’s instructions for correct care and maintenance of your contacts.
  • While you are wearing the contact lenses, remember to empty your lens storage case of all the old solution, then rinse it with a fresh-new solution and allow the lens case to air dry before capping it.
  • Remember to rub and rinse. Start with placing the contact lens in the palm of your hand. Pour some fresh solution over the lenses and then rub them with your index finger. Once you have gently rubbed the lenses, rinse them thoroughly before you soak them overnight in a clean contact lens case that is filled with fresh solution.
  • Try wearing daily disposable contact lenses if you have troubles following the daily lens cleaning regimen.
  • Make sure to replace your storage case at least every three months.
  • Mindfully remove your contact lenses before you go swimming.
  • Visit your eye care specialist regularly for your scheduled follow-up on contact lenses and eye examination.

Don’ts of Contact Lenses Compliance

  • Store any type of contact lenses in anything other than its own storage case filled with fresh-new lens care solution. Similarly, drinking glasses or paper cups should never be used as lens cases.
  • Use saline or rewetting drops as a disinfecting solution contact lens.
  • Re-use any of the old lens’s solution or transfer it from one container to another as it may affect the sterility of the lens care solution.
  • Change lens care products without consulting with your eye care specialist first.
  • Try to extend or stretch the life of your contact lenses. Always follow the contact lens replacement and wear schedule as prescribed by your eye care specialist.
  • Buy and start wearing contact lenses without a prescription.
  • Share your contact lenses with anybody, be it a friend or a family member. The same goes for towels and napkins.

Follow Instructions Carefully

Following the contact lenses wear and care routine is relatively easy, so do yourself a favour and stick to the instructions. Our eyes are the doorways to the world and are extremely sensitive, making it susceptible to eye infections and irritations.

Explore contact lens care products from trusted brands such as Bausch+Lomb that offer easy to follow and effective lens care solutions. Be it cleaning, rinsing, or disinfecting any type of contact lenses so that you maintain your eyes stay healthy.

So, if you wish to keep your eyes safe and enjoy the benefits that wearing contact lenses bring over eyeglasses, never makes assumptions about their usage, cleaning or storage. In case you have any questions, you can talk it out with your eye care specialist.

Consider Wearing Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

In case you don’t want to spend time cleaning your contact lenses every day, consider wearing daily disposable contact lenses. Reputable brands like Bausch+Lomb offers a range of premium-quality contact lenses, including disposable contact lenses such as Biotrue ONEday Daily.

Made in HyperGel material that prevents lens dehydration, Biotrue ONEday Daily, offers clear, precise vision and also protection against UV A and UV B sun rays. Additionally, the daily lenses also provide comfortable wear of up to 16 hours a day, while keeping your eyes healthy and moist.

With such daily disposable contact lenses, you do not need any storage containers or lens care solution. All you need to do is use a fresh pair each day.

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